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First I have to say sorry for no Qview,  I forgot, but yes it did happen.

Last Sunday  I made a Pueblano porterhouse. 

Seasoned the steaks with course sea salt and course cracked peppercorns

cooked them directly onto of the lump coals once the coals were glowing orange.

4-5 mins on both side

took steaks off and put castiron skillet directly on coals w/ 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil

 when the oil started to smoke a little put in all the veggies

veggies were sliced Pueblano, sliced red and green bell pepper, shallott, garlic and cilanto.

cooked that until pepers were tender and topped steaks with the veggies.

The steaks were charred slightly on the outside and med to med rare on the inside.  They were the ucies and best tasting steaks I have had in a long time.

The wife was a little skeptical with cooking them directly on the coals but she loved them also.