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OK so a neighbor gave me an old smoker that was sitting around in his side yard. this is great news since i was ruining my dads grill trying to smoke meats in it.  i am now the proud new owner of a Char-Broil Smoker h2o electric. i have some questions that hopefully you guys can answer. wondering also if i have

everything this originally went with this.



OK first question is about the thermometer. this one needs to be replaced and I'm wondering what the best way to do that is.P1030936.JPG

this is the inside of the thermometerP1030937.JPG


i dint know how to take that out without doing damage. the second is there is no vent on the top for smoke to release. should i put one in? and there is also this...P1030939.JPG


I'm worried about that gap there. should i be?

any information on this guy would be helpful as far as refurbishing it and how to use it. P1030938.JPG

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check this out,

 I bought a used one at a garage sale and I'm gonna do this

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Congrats on the new toy I moved your thread to the electric smoker section. I own one of the same models only red but honestly I've never used it so I'll let somebody else answer your questions

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thanks cash. that provided some great info. plan on using some of those techniques

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