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My first brisket and question..

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I'm new at this forum and I'm hooked straight away :)


I'm from the Netherlands so there might be some writing errors here and there.


Made my first brisket a month back see the movie I made :P (No end pics made due to drinking hehe)


I don't have the Weber smoker, I'm using the 22.5inch one touch gold for it.


The first brisket was to dry because i made the mistake to not fill the fluid pan at the start and just bath the brisket with "westmalle alt beer" (It's a very dark belgium beer) to keep it moist. The taste was the way i wanted it but it was reasonable dry.


I made my second one last weekend with much improvement.


What i did now:


Injected the meat with a mix of applejuice - ciderviniger and Worcestershire sause.

Used a wet rub of Worcestershire sause and beef bouillon covered with a dry rub of mix ingredients (out of Big Bob Gibson bbq book)

Filled the fluid pan with boiling water and applejuice.


Made a 3/4 circle of coal and smoking wood and lit one side of the circle to reach a temp of 225 degrees. let the 4,5 pounds brisket on it for 8 hours (temp stay'd constant around 225 degrees) and wrapped it for another 1 hour in thin foil. The brisket was now much better it was moist and very tasty.


My question is that I want to have my brisket cooked so I can pull the meat and not carve it, I had it like this when I visited NY lasts year (brother jimmy's bbq restaurant) and that's the brisket I want to cook :)


Any ideas of to achieve this ? should I cook it longer or ??


Cheers for your thoughts al ready.

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Welcome to SMF glad you decided to join us. The short answer to your question is yes. Take the temps up to 205-210 and it should pull Here's a thread on a basic brisket smoke

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Cheers for the link, I will read it and try it out on my next Brisket :)

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First off welcome Jean to SMF. You might also want to check out the E-course it's free and it will give you the basics in smoking meat and few really good recipes too. So enoy and then go get something to smoke and we will be right here incase you need any help. Just post it here and we will answer just about any question that you have.

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Thanks for the welcome...


I will get a pork shoulder next week and put it on the bbq :)


I will post the outcome if the beer consumption let's me :)


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Welcome to SMF Jean.

I couldn't help but notice in your video that you brisket is extremely lean, which is no doubt why the first one was dry. Here in the States the meat is heavily marbled with fat which keeps it moist and juicy like you're looking for.  Good luck on your future smokes. Dan

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Yeah the second time I told my butcher to leave the fat on the meat (he thought he was doing me a pleasure lol) and the outcome was much better.

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