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Chicken Enchiladas

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I used Dutch's thread to make some chicken enchiladas.  Smoked chicken, shredded 5 blend cheese, enchilada sauce.


Mixed together then rolled into a  flour tortilla


Put some sauce in dish the put enchiladas in, pour rest of sauce the cheese and sliced black olives.  Also had refried beans and took cream corn and mixed with corn bread, that was my wife's idea and it was a good one.  Of course hot sauce on all for me, none for wife



350 for 20 mins then low broil for 2



Corn pudding





refried beans







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Nice.  Makes me hungry.

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Originally Posted by Carson627 View Post

Nice.  Makes me hungry.

well thats the point lol

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Very nice. Looks like the red sauce? I make them quite often! Try the green sometime it's really good too
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Very Nice Dinner you got there! Nothing like corn pudding and enchiladas    Man I love SMF, so many recipes so little time!!

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Good looking spread!  I really like enchiladas and yours looks just great!

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Great looking enchiladas and dinner plate. I can almost taste them.

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WAIT WAIT I'm running over there now.........Is there any left over for a really tired old FAT guy. Your dinner looks very tastey and man oh man I would like to have some of that too.

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