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Thinking of doing an eye round

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I have a very small (2.5lbs) eye round roast, I am thinking rub it down, spritz with a beef marinade, hang some bacon off the top, then smoke with hickory around 220-230 till medium/med rare. Your thoughts and experience is requested.  I have never done anything like this before.

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Sounds Great!!!!  Go for it !! How bout some Qview

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There will be some view when I do it, just not sure about this cut of meat. How should I cut it when done..thin for sandwiches or slice like a roast???

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Isn't that a lean cut? I think you may want to wrap that in a bacon weave instead of just a few slices. Maybe even a little vinegar-based injection like Italian dressing or even a raspberry vineagrette or something of that nature. I like med rare and no more so the 145 mark would be my target.. Definately post it up.. Something I've been wanting to try for a while..

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I'm with Pit on this, I personaly have not tried the Eye (yet). But I use the bacon weave on my pork loins and they are very tender and juicy! Good Luck, can't wait to see your finished Eye!!

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this is a link to an eye of round I did earlier.  Your plan sounds good.  I feel the bacon weave really helped, this cut will dry out quick.  I sliced mine thin for sammies and thick for dinner.  I don't inject, let that beef flavor shine.


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Thanks for the link and tips!!! I think the plan is set:


rub with a steak rub that I have perfected (in my eyes only of course, you pros prob have better), let it sit over night, spritz with a marinade mixture, wrap in bacon (weave like a fatty maybe), let sit for a couple hours, then smoke at low temps (220-230) till temps get around 145-150 pull and let sit in foil for 30 mins or so and then cut thicker than sandwiches but thinner than a roast (1/2" or so)

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  I think the plan is set:

 Plan your work and work your plan 

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Just make sure your rub is not to heavy on salt.  I feel that a salty rub left on overnight doesn't do the meat any favors.  My $0.02.

Enjoy your smoke.

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