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got it right

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 Used everyones suggestions on charcoal and smoke amount. Used hickory and cooked her for 9 hrs.082310142834.jpg


Was super delicious, light smoky carmelized goodness. It may look burnt, but wasn't. Used my own rub, my own sauce, and spritzed every 45 minutes with 75% apple juice and 25% apple cider vinegar. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

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Congrats, nice job on the cook!


Believe me, it don't look burnt!, it looks delicious.

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those look awesome

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Now that's a couple of fine looking butts there Tim. Now the dark one look fabulous to me but the one in the back ???? What's up there or is it a late comer to the race???

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It not burnt it looks perfect. feedme.gif

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man, oh, man, those look great!


super Q view!  makes you want to reach in and pinch off a piece of that bark!



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 Thanks ya'll. The smaler picnic was indeed late to the race. I chunked it up into baked beans . The brisket was delicious. Will be doing 2 more and a butt on the fourth for a BBQ Brew get together. Cannot wait.

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