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Jeff's Maple Ribs

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So i made Jeff's Maple Ribs from his newsletter last week and they were great! I cut them up plank style like he suggested and brined them. I was wondering if I could just brine the entire rack with out cutting them into planks? Any suggestions?

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Yes you could! It would work.

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I thought it would but I am still at a stage of smoking where I don;t always trust myself. 

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But, that's the best part of this "obsession" It doesn't always work, but it's damn fun to try. In 95% of our attempts, it's still edible, so it's not a total waste of time. 


For me, I've always preferred the journey to the destination. I'd hate to think that I've found out how to make the perfect "anything". THat would take the fun away. 


IMO, get ideas, try them out, and if they don't quite work, try something different the next time.

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Now I haven't tried to make those ribs yet but I might soon. So next time take some Q-view for us here so we can see it too. They sound pretty darn good to.

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I will do that next time. They turned out great. Would be prefect for an early morning tailgate with some eggs and beer. LOL 

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