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Full Briscket-

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I have been cooking the flat cut Briskets for a while, they are delicious! Yesterday we recently cooked the full briskuit, it was also terrific. My question is should you remove the fat before you cook it? or after you cook it? it seemed very fatty and i wasn't sure how to serve it. Any advice is welcome~! 


Oh, we smoked for 8 hours in a reverse flow convection wood burning smoker using OAK as the primary heat source at a temp of 220. 


THanks !

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Personally, I trim the fat down to about 1/8 to 1/4 on the flat portion. For the point, I remove the "corn" or "kernel" along the side and then I remove all the big gnarly hunks that don't render off. I score the fat on the flat side, season, and cook fat side up till 195 internal on the flat.. Rmove, foil, and rest for at least one hour. I usually cook briskets at 16 or more pounds..

This forum is for Grilling so if you are using a RF smoker, post up brisky threads in the beef section just below this one...

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If I am cooking Brisket at home, I'll leave all the fat on / in unless it looks slimy / snotty.  It is way easier to trim the fat off the brisket when it is cooked and more fat in the cooking process isn't going to hurt.


At comps, I will trim the thick vein of fat between the flat and the point and shave off the fat to a thickness of 1/4" on the flat prior to cooking.  This leaves some fat to render through the meat during the cook but I rely on the injection and cooking process to keep the flavor and moistness in the meats at a comp.  After it is sliced, I will remove the remaining fat from the bottom of the slices.

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Normally I trim very liitle fat off. Maybe the really thick hard fat cap but then I only trim it down a little bit maybe a half an inch. I like to smoke the brisket with all the fat so it keeps the meat juicy and after all I'm a firm believer of:  Fat=Flavor After all what is Marbling????

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What they all said. Trim it to approx 1/4" thick, don't worry if you expose a little meat here and there, trim any large veins/chunks of fat as best you can. Cut a criss-cross pattern in the fat, just down to the meat, then make sure to really get your rub down in cuts.

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