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PTSD - Pork Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Did two boston butts starting last night around 9 and one of the durn things stalled FOREVER... ended up taking 18 hours to get to 205 (cooking at around 225).


It came out nicely, though.  I just wish I could figure out how to get my GOSM to actually generate smoke.  Most of the time there just isn't enough oxygen (or maybe heat, but I think O2) to make the chips smoke.  Maybe I need to cut a vent on the side at the bottom like the big blocks have.  When I put my head over the exhaust port there is no smoke smell, no stingy eyes... just meat.


I didn't take a lot of Q View this time - just a couple after pulling and saucing.

Oh, I don't know if anyone ever measures this, but for interest sake I weighed the final product.  18lbs of butts turned into about 10lbs of meat.






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looks good to me. what kind of finishing sauce did you put on them?


cant give any tips on that smoker, i use a charcoal one.

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Now that sounds like an awful long smoke for butts. But your trouble in smoke you are having trouble creating smoke??? If so are your lower vents wide open???? I have a smaller GOSM and I have no problem at all creating smoke with mine. Maybe one of your problems is the temp can you get your smoker any higher then that 225°. I usually smoke most of my meats at 230° to 250° and my poultry at 275° to 300°. Can you get your smoker's temps up that high??? If not give it a shot and see if you can get more smoke there. 

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In order to get my GOSM to smoke at a low temp I had to remove the grate that the chip box sets on and my cast iron chip box fit right down into the burner opening with enough room for the heat to get around. If you have a smaller GOSM unit with the metal chip box you would have to see if this option would work.  The other option is to use the A-MAZ-N smoker unit and set it on one of the racks.

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I have no idea about anything having to do with a GOSM, but I could figure out how to get rid of a few rolls filled with that pulled pork!




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Oh, I don't know if anyone ever measures this, but for interest sake I weighed the final product.  18lbs of butts turned into about 10lbs of meat.




Looks really good thanks for the before & after weight. I have been meaning to do that but always forget & dive in!

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Thanks for the tips and compliments, everyone. 


dDigitalPimp:  I found the finishing sauce here on SMF but I can't remember right now whose it is.  It's got cider vinegar, sweet pickle juice, ketchup (though the recipe spells it catsup - what's that? ;-) ) brown sugar, and some other stuff in it.  It gives the pork a nice slightly sweet vinegar-y taste that I like. 

I also added some more of my rub directly to the finished product.  That's something I saw on Man V Food and thought was a good idea.


mballi301:My GOSM doesn't have lower vents and I think that's a lot of the problem.  I can certainly go higher on temp, but my impression was that 225 was the sweet spot for smoking.  Interestingly, I put on two butts from the same cryo pack at the same time.  One of them took about 2 hours less than the other to finish (and it actually tasted better, of the two.  The one that took forever ended up having a lot of fat in the middle of it)


biteme795:  That sounds like it would be worth a try.  I'll get a bit more creative with my wood chip holder and its placement



Oh, by the way - those Alaska moose salad things that the GF's dad sent us are stellar for pulling the pork and much faster than forks.  I just jab 'em in there parallel to each other and kind of slide them side to side.

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