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Homemade Brats - Page 3

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I attempted but turned out dry. I must need more fat.
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what did u use?

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Unfortunately I don't remember. I got to write down my steps next time. I Learned from my mistakes I guess.
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Your look great sausage Sausage making is a great hobby. It is very easy to make from scratch as well I have some recipes I have made. Once you start making some recipes from scratch you will be able you will be able to change spices and add your own ingredients to come up with your own signature recipes.

If you follow some basic rules ensuring you use min 2% salt and emulsify your meat correctly and mix it long enough until the salt breaks down your proteins you will have great texture. If you want a course grind and you don't want to grind your meat twice you can add 180 grams of Panco Crumbs to 5lb batch will help bind the sausage. I have taken some of the fresh sausage recipes and cured and smoked them them. You can then use them all summer for smokies or make sausage rings for snacks.
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