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Brisket Question Bout Cost Per Pound

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What do you all pay per pound for your brisket?






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$2.79 / lb. at the grocery store yesterday for a 14.5 lb. packer..


Are ya gettin out to do some huntin' this fall, Ray? I just had shoulder surgery so my new Diamond bow is gonna wait another year it looks like . Maybe spring Javelina.. I did get rifle deer and rifle elk tags this year along with a new deep freeze. 2012 is a comin' brothers!

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about $1.80 a lb at restaurant depot for a packer

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When I stopped after work today to pick up a couple butts, they had whole briskets for 1.72.  Kicking myself for not grabbing one to put in the freezer for when I get back off a work trip.  I'm trying to remember but I think Wally World here had them for 2.89 or something a pound.

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I just picked up two briskets at Wally World today for $1.98 lb.  Guess what I'm smoking tomorrow?

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1.98 lb or less

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$2.49 to 2.79 around here

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Scarbelly you better talk to bmudd14474 and see where he is at, will save you .50 to .80 a pound

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$1.79 a lb. at Cash & Carry..... local resteraunt supply chain.

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This butcher here tried to charge me $4.?? a pound. I told him to keep it.


Thanks gang for the info




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Kroger's around here are consistant at 1.98 a pound for full packers.  I have seen trimmed flats for 4 bucks a pound.

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I got tired of putting it off, and bought the biggest one I could find in a hurry, at Wegman's.

I paid $4.79 for a 4.5 pound flat.

Giant also had them for $4.79.

Weiss wanted $6.99.


Never thought about Wally World.



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I pay $1.98/lb for a packer, and $4.79 for a flat, but I don't do many flats.

If I gotta pay that kind of cash for a piece of meat I'll do a tri tip

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Holy cow! I just looked back at a post i did in January where I pictured the label and come to find out I was paying $1.99 a lb then! I just dumped $2.79 / lb. Thursday!

What innovations have they made in a cow this year??? 



WooHoo.. 600 posts.. 

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$1.98 at the Wally World is the best we have here unless I head over to Scott AFB where it's cheaper but no packers.

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$2.99 to $3.99 a pound.  But that's at the local grocery store.  I refuse to step foot in a Wal Mart and give a single dollar to a company who does more for the GDP of China than it does the US.  WAKE UP PEOPLE  Quit shopping for what's best for you and do what's right for the country

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One dollar-ninety-nine per pound at Wally World in Fremont

Have fun and,

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