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Yes Brian, barred rocks are some of the finest home chickens to have, very easy to maintain. Unlike the blonde buff, she's a meany, what's up with the mean blonde girls?

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Originally Posted by Squirrel View Post

Yes Brian, barred rocks are some of the finest home chickens to have, very easy to maintain. Unlike the blonde buff, she's a meany, what's up with the mean blonde girls?

My daughter and son raised them for 4 H for years.  Barred Rocks where the best.... Anacona was a good second.  But the barred rocks also made great fly tying feathers!

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Originally Posted by Monty View Post

Well, folks, it has been a while since I been around and it seems that I must contrubute to a subject near and dear to me. First of all, and this is just my two cents, any carrying on and commenting here in the forum is just plain lost. Why not write, email or call the show's producer when you disagree with content provided by the star?


And, better yet, those folks depend on advertising to pay the bills. Contact their sponsors and let them know you are displeased with the content provided and that you will not purchase their products unless or until there are changes made. Hit'em im the wallet to get their attention.


I do agree that we should publish here that we have found some errors, in our opinion, committed on these shows. We do have a responsibility to our membership, our family, to see that the record is straight. But if we want to go for blood, spill it in the proper direction and go to the source. Till that happenes nothing happens!


I produce a large amount of eggs which I sell locally and every single egg is inspected and all are sanitized by curent standards and I am proud that we put out a good safe product to our friends, neighbors and especially for ourselves. Now, if someone was to claim that one of my farm's eggs caused illness to someone and only published that in a letter to the editor of a newspaper which I do not read where's the benefit? My address and phone number is on every carton of eggs that goes outta here. I have yet to have a complaint and I have to reasonably assume that all is well with my customers. The fact that demand outstrips my production capacity at the moment speaks for itself.


Hope I have made a sensible point here.







Yeppers.  Vote with your checkbook.  Indeed it may be the only thing anyone will ever listen to.  However I have a feeling that unless a whole lot of us do it it will be lost in the shuffle


Originally Posted by Diesel View Post

  I have been sick for the last week and a half.  I ate the batter of some brownie mix that my wife was making.  I have done this since I was a kid and never got sick.  I will probably still do it but not for some time.


Not sure if I have Salmonella?  I have had the symptoms and it is pretty bad.  I plan on going to the doc if it doesn't clear up in the next few days.  I cannot lie, it has been pretty rough and I have missed some days of work. 


Based on the recall information the eggs we have are not included.  We usually by them fresh local from a farmer down the road from the house but my wife went to a store and picked them up this time.  


As for Alton,  I will have to watch some of his shows to catch up.  I do use his method on "dry aging" steak.  It works pretty good and have done it several times. 


This has been a good read and I enjoy that fact that everyone can debate a topic like this and still go back to helping one another in the wonderful world of smoking meat. 


Oh ya.. and even after getting sick I don't think I will ever stop licking the batter from home made brownies.  : )

Bummer man, hope you get better soon


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