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Trying butts a different way (for me anyway) question.

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I have a couple of butts that I'm going to smoke for my sons big birthday party BBQ and I needed a hand with something. 

First, I'm smoking them the day before the party and I was going to leave them both in a tin/ aluminum pan while they're smoking to collect the juices for the re-heating the next day. The butts I've smoked in the past I usually pulled at 165 and foiled until 210 then wrapped and put them in a cooler for an hour. With doing them this way (leaving in the pan) do you just keep them there until they hit 205-210? Or do you still pull them at 165 and wrap?  

I was also going to use the juices (minus the fat) to put in a crock pot on low to warm the following day is there anything else I should know about reheating?

Thanks again guys for all the help!
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I would suggest you pull at 205 adn put in the cooler - rest for a couple of hours in a cooler wrapped in towels and it will be great. If you have a vac sealer add the liquid from the meat and seal then heat in the bag the next day - if not double bag the meat in zip locks and reheat in hot not boiling water for either method of bagging - be sure to post some qview  


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I agree with Scarbelly.  Also, smoking them in a pan and allowing the juices to surround the meat takes away (IMHO) from the smoke taste as the meat is now partially braising and doesn't get touched by the smoke all over.  Just a thought.

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I have done mine in an aluminum pan before with great results.  You need to put a rack in the pan to get the butt off the bottom and allow the smoke to surround the meat.  When it is time to foil, simply cover the pan.  The tricky part is getting this into the cooler, depending on the size of your cooler.  A cambro would be nice.

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Could you get similar results by putting the butt directly on the grate and then an empty pan underneath the pork butt to catch any juices that fall?

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If you have room the pan on the next shelf down has worked well for me in the past. When it was time to wrap I set in the under pan and covered with foil. It does use up rather valuable realestate.

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