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First Post, First Smoke, Questions Already.........

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I have an Masterbuilt 40" Electric Smoker....  I have a big family party in September and want to use the next few weeks to get the knack of smoking down . . . . a bit . . . . . ..


I am attempting my first smoking experience - don't have a lot of time tonight - so I'm trying pork chops....  I can't seem to find much info on chops specifically.......


First - what temp?  In the articles I've read - I see anywhere from 150 to 275, and I'm lost!


About how long - the chops are about 3/4 inch thick......


Water in pan or not? 


I supposed I should have started with something in the booklet that came with the smoker - but what fun would THAT be?  No Adventure!


Flying blind - we'll see what happens - I put a store bought rub on them, threw them in at 225, and hoping for the best!    


These are a test run - so if they are horrible - I'll pretend that the brisket I plan to attempt on Friday is the first try!  I can find no end to the end of info on briskets!   Poor pork chops!

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225* is good for chops.  They won't take long -- pull them when they hit 160*.


Also, welcome to SMF!  Stop by Roll Call and introduce yourself when you get a chance.

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Myth is right - you can also pull them and throw them in some foil and wrap in a towel for about 15 - 20 min to make sure they are moist

I have done this several times and am surprised how much it helps with moisture  - just a tsp of apple juice

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Attempt #1 completed - they are resting now...... trying to be patient for the big taste!


smoker attempt 1.JPG

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Those are gonna be great!  I hope that you foiled them like scar suggested.


BTW, what kind of wood did you use?

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they sure do look tasty!!!!! welcome to the forums!!!!

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Good news - they were not only edible, but pretty good - even if I do say so myself!


I used Hickory for this first attempt.


Lessons learned - more rub.  I used it sparingly fearing that I would make them too salty, that wasn't a problem for sure!


Next - I think I overcooked them a bit.   They were moist and juicy even, but I think pulling them out sooner would have been a good move.


At least - I don't have to pretend Friday is my first attempt, and I will even bring a sample to my brother (I told him he only got a sample if they were not horrible!).


Next attempt - Friday and a brisket!!

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