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Question about Wood

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Don't know if this is the spot to post this question or not but here goes.


I did the course.  good course.  Learned a bunch.  Have questions left though?


One by one...


This one is


With wood.  Does it have to be bark free?  I've heard differing views.  I've used wood with bark and haven't noticed any bad effects.


What's the feeling here?





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Bark is okay, as long as it isnt  full of moss or fungus

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I agree no problem as long as it is clean

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Yep, my buddy Garyt is absoutly right on,bark is good and I have used it to get things going,the main point of smoking with wood is to get a good hot-ash coal pile.When they are going and all orange,check you temp. and keep adding the wood as needed.Watch your Thermometer for drops in temp.or spikes, then either open or close the inlets.Keep the stack vent OPEN.

Have fun and,

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I have an old meat smoking book (soft cover). It says  to never use tree bark. I used to worry about it, but then I noticed other more modern books don't say that. I started using it, and haven't had any problems. Seems a few of the veteran wood burners above agree.




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If the trees haven't been sprayed with agent orange, purple or green then it's probably alright. I get all mine from western woods all bagged up from the grocery store or Bass Pro when getting brass.

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I dont worry about it much unless I suspect the tree had been t reated with pesticides or something. 

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I do not use bark unless the wood I am using is packaged for smoking meat  but thats my choice and the reason has been stated and thats that we often do not know if a or with what a tree has been treated. Just my choice have only known 1 person to have a problem from using bark and that was not commercially sold wood.

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I think you are on the wrong board!

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i agree, aeroforce...wrong board, lol.

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haha you can't get second hand from blue smoke can you??

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I do not use Bark when using as smoke for my GOSM.

I will use it in my Reverse Flow, as long as its not nasty.


When I get hold of some wood, I will save a few select pieces and run them through the band saw for some nice chunks, then the easy splitting clean wood for splits then the knotty and nasty stuff for the firepit and camping trips.

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