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Smoked Drum Sticks

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Thanks guys for the help the chicken looks alot better with the vent open. Smoked with hickory and seasoned with shake n bake.My dates are wrong.drum sticks 004.jpgdrum sticks 001.jpg

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 Now I haven't seen shake and bake looks so good. Now you have made them legs look super and I know tastey too.

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Thanks. They where good. Kids liked them so I guess that is good. They look alittle wet. Put them in the bowl and in fridge after everybody was done still worm. Then thought I need a picture.  

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They look good

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Nice Drummies, Shake-n-Bake.....Hmmmm. Nice idea 

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Hmmm, Shake and Smoke.....Ya just might have cracked the code!

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How long in the smoker were they?

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I love me some drums and those look great

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Brings back memories....."Shake and bake, and I helped!"

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How about a few more details, like time in smoker and temp you smoked em at.  They sure do look good.  Skin looks nice and crispy too.

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Set smoker at 275. Took alittle over an hour. I think it was Hour an 15 min.   But they where cooking at about 225 to 235 by the guage on the smoker. My smoker never will get all the way back up with meat in it. It is a MES something might be wrong with it I don't know,    

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WOW those look great!!!!!!  Good job JoshS.


I will have to try that with leg quarters.

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I will be trying that real soon..........shake-n-bake...........add some extra....ummmm!

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