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1st time for a Dudestrami

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I have seen these on the forum for a while now and decided it was time to try one. Got it home soaked it and rinsed it several times. Total soak time of about 6 hours. Seasoned it up with some of Jeff's rub, wrapped it and into the fridge. Now I know most people like to do the pickling spiced or CBP, but I like this rub enough so I went with it. I did not get pics of it in the package, or naked but....


Here it is rubbed down





Wrapped and ready for the fridge...




I will be starting this in the MES 40 in a little while at 230 with some mixed cherry and hickory dust in the amazin smoker. Stay tuned...



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Can't wait!

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You are going to love it - be sure to post the qview of the finished product for us to drool over

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Will do. It will be a little late but I will. It is just at 155 now. Going to take it to 165, foil it then back on till about 195-200.  Then I hear it is best to fridge it before slicing.



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Man your killin' me....

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Well finally made it to 164 so I foiled it and back in until 195 or so......




When it gets up to temp I will get a shot of a couple of slices for everybody. Then into the fridge until tomorrow to chill for slicing for the wifes ruben sandwich. Got her some Clausen kraut, rye bread and some 1000 island dressing!!



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 When it gets up to temp I will get a shot of a couple of slices for everybody.

 Can't Wait! Nice Smoke you got goin' my Friend

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nice looking cut of meat too, cant wait to see the sliced goodness!!!

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Here is the finale... Got to 195 at about 0015. Took it off, let it sit for a few minutes and couldn't wait any longer!!  Sliced a little bit and this little Dudestrami is a little piece of heaven!!  What flavor, juicy and tender.  I know the wife will sure like the ruben she will be taking for lunch tomm as well as me!!  Well its been a long day with the monster Sirloin Tip roast ( posted under beef topic) and this strami so I will say goodnight and thanks for looking!! (not the best picture, a little late and some libations were contributing factors!!)





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Looks great!  You will get addicted to these and start doing more than 1 at a time. 

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My wife already made that clear:  "next time do 2 or 3"!!!

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I never tried it without the pickling spices? Looks good from here

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What is a Dudestrami? A home-made pastrami?

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Yes it is. You start with a Corned beef brisket, soak it in water changing the water out several times to pull the saltiness out of the meat. Everybody else usually puts the pickling spices and cracked black pepper on it for a rub, I just used Jeff's rub then smoke till 165 or so, foil and take up to 195 rest it fridge it then slice and enjoy!!  I will be doing these on a regular basis from now on!  Search Dudestrami to see more versions.



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Thanks. I just did one myself (and posted Qviews), but I'm still a newbie here and some of the terminology and acronyms are not obvious, e.g. CBP. I wasn't eve sure if a Qview was just posted pix or something more defined. Thanks again.


BTW Your results look great!

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Thanks Pokey, I will check out your post!



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Thank's for sharing,  It looks Mighty Tasty 

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wow, that looks great! i have to try to make that sometime.....

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