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it has to use more fuel with a water pan and a leaky door though, just saying

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Wow everyone, thanks for the great words.  I did another burn last night using some of the kind words bestowed by you guys... and i've learned one thing... that it doesnt take much to affect these drums.


I sealed the door up as tight as it would go and it's air-tight. I only used about 6-8 coals in the chimney and did the intakes backwards from last time... I started with them barely opened, and opened them a little as it leveled out... only took 2 adjustments to get it to 225, then it held between 225 and 230 SOLID till my chicken was done.  (I hadn't planned to do any food but when it held so well, and you get to smelling the smoke, well you know how it goes!).


It worked great.  Actually better than great.  after the chicken was off we had some potatoes cooking in a foil pouch that needed to be done, so I cranked the heat up to 380/400 (like an oven).  I cooked the taters, then as I pulled them off, I put the dampeners back down to the positions they were in when it held at 225 (as an experiment).  Came out after dinner to a drum humming along at 225 again!


Thanks for all your kind words and suggestions!

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Sweet!! Good to hear when a problem gets worked out. Especially when it comes to a smoker!!

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Good to hear!! we knew you would get it worked out, so how was the chicken?

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Originally Posted by pandemonium View Post

Good to hear!! we knew you would get it worked out, so how was the chicken?

Great!  I know, I know, qview next time!

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Good too hear it's working good now!

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N2Q - glad to hear you worked it out!  That's right, Qview or it never happened!  

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Glad ya got it figured out.  You will love that smoker more and more evrytime you use it.

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I Have access to many Drums, Never built or cooked on one! But you guys make me think I'm missing out on a whole new experience in my Smokin' venture! Thanks to all the info, When I do build one I will have the knowledge to USE it!!  (Thanks New2Que) 

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Originally Posted by meateater View Post
DDave, no disrepect on how you run your drum, we all beat a different drum. I only respectfully advice on how I apply my technique for members to choose for an option. Mine runs 250 like clockwork with a waterpan. If a member wishe's to choose your method so be it. I offer a option for newbies, that's all.  Kingsford,R.O. Lump...Ford Chevy Dodge.




No disrespect taken and none meant on my part either.   I know we've been back and forth on this before.  Believe me, if your drum with the door and the water pan runs the way you like it and cooks meat the way you like it, then it doesn't get any better than that.    I certainly would not try and make the case that YOU should change.


I'm just saying that a UDS with a door and a less than perfect seal will tend to run hotter AND the use of a water pan will mask that and will also make it use more fuel.  I'm not saying it's the wrong way to run a drum, I'm just saying that that's to be expected if one is operated that way.


Having said that, I have been experimenting with a diffuser plate on mine in different situations with results that meet my objectives.  It also uses more fuel but at times I am willing to make the trade off. 


And I probably do some things on mine that would not fit the "normal" drum operation as defined by some forums.  For instance, when I do chicken, I put the ash pan inside the drum, put crumpled up paper towels on the ash pan, load the basket with two chimneys full of Kingsford Comp, set the basket on the ash pan and light the paper towels.  The whole thing is like one big charcoal chimney.  After 20 minutes or so or when the white smoke clears, I'll put the grate and the lid on and go get the chicken.  When I put the chicken on the grate, the temp is 400°+.  After the lid is on for awhile the temp drops to 375° to 350° and that's the temp I like to cook chicken at so it works for me.  I can also light my drum the "normal" way and run it at 250° with no diffuser for a 16 hour brisket smoke.  It just depends on what I feel like cooking.


Lots of ways to operate the versatile UDS for sure.  The only "right" way to do it is whatever way works for you.




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