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Master Forge and fish fryer

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Guys got a quick question....I have the propane Master Forge smoker, and have added a digital thermometer, better chip box, and used permatex to make a gaskest on the doors to hold the smoke loss down. My question is I have a fish cooker not being used presently, what if I take the burner and replace the one that came with the smoker with it. If I do this can I control the temps better with it or just stick with the one that came with it?


Thanxxxxx for any help

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i don't use a gasser but i know for optimum controll on any gas cooker you need to add a needle valve inline between the regulator and the burner. gives you alot finer controll vs just a regulator.

 seems to me that the burner that is factory installed would be good or they wouldn't put it in the smoker?

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    I have 2 different Gas smokers and if I want to turn the heat below low on them I turn it to the left to high and push the control in an turn to the right and I can turn the heat down to nothing.

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If you do this you are more then likely going to get a bunch more heat out of the unit. If I was too switch my fryer and smoker burner I would be 3 X the BTU'S. If all you are after is better control go with the needle valve. Here is some good reading on it Needle Valves For Gassers - Community

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Looked at the Master Forge Smoker online and it looks like the controls are the same as my 2 smokers.As I stated in my other reply to turn the heat lower than low you turn it up to high.Push the control in and turn to the left and you can control the heat all the way down to off.My one Smoker I added a needle valve.and a Guy on the inernet told me I didn't need it and I still have the valve but I don't use it its easier by using the Control Knob.

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