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First meatloaf...

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Thread Starter the smoker that is,  I have been making meatloaf for years. I put this in fatties cause it is made with both beef and pork so i figured this was the most appropriate category. I got a little carried away, I had 2 lbs of ground beef and 1 pound of pork, I was going to make 1/2 the beef into patties for the freezer but decided to use all of it in the meatloaf, with the pound of bacon and 8oz of cheese it was over 4 lbs. It will get eaten though, my wife loves my meatloaf but, SHE PUTS KETCHUP ON IT!!!!!!! I tried forbidding her to do it but you married guys know how that goes, didn't work out well. LOL



I did the bacon weave after learning about it on here, not as pretty as some of you more experienced guys but it worked




The finished product, took over 4 hours at 225-240 deg. I took it out at 170 internal temp,



Sliced after resting for about 1/2 hour. I probably could have added some more cheese.


It came out good but I am not sure it was that much better than it usually comes out in the oven. I might do it again but only if I am smoking something else and want to fill the smoker.


I am doing some striped bass today, I will post the results...stay tuned...

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Looks great!

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That's a great looking monster meat loaf!  On my short list of things to try! 

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Hey it looks fabulous to me and I bet it will taste better then it looks too.

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I love smoked meatloaf and yours looks good

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That is a great looking meatloaf. Congrats on the smoke and the ingenuity.

As for the ketsup issue,  that is easily resolved. I don't have ANY ketsup in the house and my daughter who loves the crap on her eggs has learned to use salsa instead

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That's one monster meatloaf!  I'll bet it was tasty.


Another thing that you can do to discourage the use of ketchup is to glaze it with BBQ sauce like this one:


That's my favorite meatloaf recipe, but I haven't smoked one yet.

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That sounds like a good recipe, similar to mine, I will have to try adding some parm cheese and brown sugar. I use salsa in mine.

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