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smoking ribs day 1, then finishing day 2.

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I'm want to prep ribs the day before a party.

The party is 3 hours away that I have to be at, Saturday at 9am. And they don't have a smoker

Need a good night of sleep, since this is my brothers batchlor

Will I be able to smoke the ribs Friday 9pm to 12, foil and put in cooler...then finish on grill/oven?

Will the meat dry out? Will it go bad?
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I sometime will cook ribs to take on vacation

1) cook ribs and slice them down, refrigerate in a steamer pan.

2) warm in oven or your case a grill for 1 hour in the steamer dish, covered, place in steamer pan and will stay good for hours.

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The following is from the USDA web site in the Smoking Meat and Poultry Facts Sheet

Partial cooking of food ahead of time allows harmful bacteria to survive and multiply to the point that subsequent cooking cannot destroy them. And once food is in the smoker, cook until it reaches a safe temperature as determined with a food thermometer.


Just me, but I wouldn't chance it, if you can smoke'em through completion the night before and reheat when needed. 

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I'm liking the smoke them completely and re-heat in a steamer pot. Now to me it's the only way that I re-heat any of my Q tho. Believe me the ribs will be great and will not be dried out either.

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