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Awesome Looking Bacon Gary!!!


I sent Gary some samples of maple cure and some extra maple seasoning.  It was all a test run, and I had no idea if it would work or not, but looks like Gary's Bacon was a success!!


The cure is "Top Secret"!!!


It's not really that big a deal.  Add approx. 3oz extra of this Maple Seasoning and add it to Maple Cure.  Not Mapleine, maple syrup or imitation flavoring.  I sent Gary 3oz of Maple Seasoning and Don't know if he used it all or not.  It must be potent enough to penetrate and give a good maple flavor.


Gary also soaked his bacon for a longer period and I bet that helped.




Well my friend you have me hooked and as with any addict just send me the price -  In your note you indicated I should use for 5# of bacon and I added the sugar as you suggested and it came out awesome