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UDS # 2

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I had to whoop out another drum for the upcoming weekend cook. I will be using the two drums and the new R-Flow. Anyways here is a few pics of the drum. I had some spare parts that I was able to use for the rack support. I built the basket last week from scraps, its only 6" deep but its 16" round, I hope thats enough for the brisket times. Pray for me, LMAO just dont pray that something lands on my head or that my wheels fall off doing 110. LOL  Gotta love that song.


This drum is being used as is, no liner, open top. The lid was a problem as we discovered in another thread, the bottom fits a weber lid and the top is way to large to fit the same weber lid. So what I did was set the drum lid on and then set the bottom of the weber kettle on top of the drum. I welded the weber to the drum lid, then after it cooled I turned it over and cut the excess off. I think there may be room for a giant turkey in the near future. No wheels on this one. I will build some sort of a stand so that I can slide a 2 wheeler into it and cart it around. This is something I plan to do with my welders and large tools as well. Get ride of the carts and try to save a little space.


I gotta give credit to Miller, my millermatic 211AS is one awesome little machine. One day I hope to upgrade to an engine drive and a wire feeder, and have a passport plus for the stuff like this project.


I would suggest that if someone is welding with no gas, that they may think of buying a Hobart co2 kit. Under 100 bucks on ebay and you are suppose to get 40' of bead off of a 20 oz paint ball bottle. I run co2, argon mix c25, flux core, and also stick. For these drums the co2 or the c25 is the best go, with the argon having a slight advantage. I am thinking about buying the kit for when I have to take my welder somewhere, that way I dont have to drag my tank and regulator with me.


All of the welds on this project were welded with c25, .030 wire turned down to somewhere in the 18 to 20 ga area.














This is thin blue smoke.......but not the kind you would want on the food. LOL Its from the little parts of the lid gasket. OPPS!




Here it is waiting for final paint tomorrow in the AM.

My step daughters b day party is saterday and since she is so cute and so sweet I told her she could paint it pink. Whoooffffttaaaaa!!!! I cant believe I told her to go for it. But what the heck, if it looks good then next comp I go to, I will take it with me and she can cook on it with her friend. My bbq partner's daughter is best friends with my step daughter, so that outta make a pretty cool time at a comp.


But Pink,,,,, yikes,,,,, I am a little scared at what I will find when I get home tomorrow.


I am not sure what I shall do with the leg holders yet, I'm trying to think of something crazy for the top of the lid.

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cool but why the 90' on the valve?

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Well to be honest I was planning to have a riser up like on my last one and at the last minute I decided that if I couldn't adjust it with my foot I would address the issue then. Maybe an extension and handle about waist high. I kinda like it with the 90, it sits pretty close to the drum. I have always been worried that the valve sticking out would be something for someone to stub there toe on. It sure ain't gonna be me LOL I do nothing without my shoes. Well I take that back, when I am in bed I take my shoes off and when I am in the shower, but that's about it. I would love to run a stoker on these but OMG the wife would choke me out if I ordered one of those right now. Maybe x mas.

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Looks great!  Anything to get the next generation hooked on this hobby -- even if it's a pink UDS (or is it going to be a "pretty" drum smoker????  It will be an eye catcher at those competitions!!!!  Have fun!

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Your foot will turn it great, thats how i do mine, and yes feet have been stubbed on mine before lol

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Tom that is excactly how I plan to do my next drums lid. How did you weld it ?  stitch weld it on opposite sides of the drum so as not to warp it???  Did it warp at all ?  How hard was it to cut the old top out?



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Originally Posted by SmokingOhioButcher View Post

Tom that is exactly how I plan to do my next drums lid. How did you weld it ?  stitch weld it on opposite sides of the drum so as not to warp it???  Did it warp at all ?  How hard was it to cut the old top out?



I ran my mig almost as low as it would go even tho I was at a lower setting then what the charts showed. But I tacked it in several places, then if there was no gap I would run about 2" of bead then skip about 4" and weld 2" again. By the time I got back around to the start point, the beginning was cool to touch. I did end up with one about about 5" long that I had a gap, I have some wire from work that is stainless bailing wire more or less. I twisted two of those and used them as filler.


On the fittings I did it like some of the hot rod guys do exhaust. Turned it up a little and more of less made a heavy tack, as soon as I lost the red in the weld I would tack again. From what I have read this method puts a little less heat in the joint then using the welder at a lower setting.


Originally I was planing to use the ever so cool plasma but decided that I would put less heat in the lid by using my grinder with a 1/16th cut off wheel in it. The lid is so thin it cuts really fast. I solved a problem that I noticed on the first drum. When condensation got on the lid it would run down and try to leak out to the outside of the drum.


Now my lid actually has a lip on the inside as well as the outside. I will try to take a pic of it tomorrow.



OMG this thing is Really Really pink !!!!!!  She painted her little heart out today and did a pretty decent job but her poor finger almost fell off, So she said. LMAO.


I also decided to paint my carlisle hot box with fusion plastic paint. We're gonna test it out this weekend and see how well it holds temps. The site doesn't really say how long it will hold temps. I almost fainted when I saw that they go for about 400 bucks new.






And at last the birthday girl goofing off.




BTW .... I hope she appreciates this since my boots are now pinkish.I sure hope it wears off soon.


I am thinking that the three leg stubs that are sticking up on the lid are a good place to put a plasma cutout of a pig, chicken, and a cow. And the old vent control that is rusted out can leave the scene. The girls may try to find some breast cancer stickers to put on it. Since it kinda looks like a boob.

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I love that lid.  Great drum build.  I'll wait for the lid mod pics, but not patiently. 

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Thats great that she helped with it!! Now that is PINK!!!!

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More of less I just left the regular drum lid in place. I set the bottom of the kettle grill atop the drum lid, centered and welded. Then cut below the flange with the lid removed from the drum.


This is the part I will take pics of tomorrow. The kettle bottom almost fit down inside of the drum when there was no lid in place.


When the girls cook on this one, its gonna take both of them to take the lid on and off. I can't wait, it would really make my day for them to take grand champ for the kids-Q.

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Tom, hope you got that pink off your boots! LMAO  Nice build and great idea on the lid!  Good luck to you and the girls at the comp...hope they win it too, especially with a HOT drum like that! 

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LOL, I didnt wear that pair of boots today.


Willy I have pics to post but the site is running so so slow for me tonight I just can't upload them. I have never had this problem even when I uploaded a 14 meg pic by mistake once. If the site is running better tomorrow I will get them posted for ya. Oh ya spell checker came up as a pop up warning and then didnt even load all the way. I sure hope this is a freak deal but I suspect that it has to do with the site upgrade for the picture uploading since that is when I started haveing trouble.

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ok, I am tryin the pics again, Hope they work today.


the lid open just a little bit.




The lid with me holding the drum lid back at its location from before I cut it off.




And the lid sitting on its side




I hope these help.

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Well I had time for my farm animals tonight.


I made siloette print outs, cut them out, traced them to thin plate, and used the plasma to cut them out.


I had salvaged springs from an old trampolien.


Here goes.



 I had a little accident with the plasma and cut the pigs tail off OPPS!










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I like it

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