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Finally got my Hickory............................;}-

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Now it's time to go to work











Now it gets split


The rest is on it's way.

Have fun and,

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That's a nice haul Stan!

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I really need to get me a bigger smoker so I can play with great woods like this - my electric is too limited - as soon as the Mrs goes back to work I am going to  look into another toy


Congrats man

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   Scarbelly, think UDS Mostly free(be nosey,ask people for stuff,you never know) and put it together,if the Wife says anything say,"I've got a headache,I need some Man time,please?"

Then one day say"Look Hon,isn't it cool;and it was almost free!"LOL

   You've got to have some wierd characters livig close by that don't know how to treat thier toys!You know,like tossing out a Webber lid 'cause the bottom burned-out(that's the whole thing, mostly.Then go to a place with barrels(not a chemical co.)and beg one off them-heck tell them you'll bring some goodies when it's done I'm not proud,I'll beg to further my hobby

I got my barrel sandblasted for a rack of ribs by the same guy that blasted and re-painted my NB RedRiver for 3 racks of spares The power of Bartering is cool,I do 'Barbed Wire' art,and found a "Picker" that gave me a whole roll of wire with the promise to do 100 6" stars,the rest is mine.Heck,I even traded 2-PP sandwitches for a plastic barrel for my FIL's B-Day,I had the rest of the stuff.I might be a cheapskate,but try not to waste-espescially money.I got me a Hickory tree by agreeing to let our rental neighbor park in front,my FIL owns the house





Get out there and hussle,but remember;



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nice haul of wood............


gary, just hide it behind the RV!

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