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How to cut a brisket to fit in the smoker

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As I mentioned in another thread, my wife just ordered me a Landmann 34" smoker for my birthday. I am really excited and can hardly wait for it to arrive. As my thread title suggests, I want to know how to cut a full packer 11-14 lb brisket so it will fit on the 16" racks of the Landmann 34".


I know I can buy a 5-6 lb flat, but a 5 lb flat will cost me $20-23, and an 11 lb packer will cost me $20.

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One of our butchers will be along to answer that question .

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Thanks. All I know is to not separate the point and flat before cooking
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Sounds like you need a bigger smoker already!  


Reminds me of my buddy who bought a crew cab 4x4 short bed; I told him he left some of his truck at the dealership and he needed to go pick up the rest.  The first time we loaded it for a motorcycle camping trip he couldn't close the tailgate!  I'll never forget the look on his face as he pondered the situation and proclaimed, "I need a bigger truck!" 


Seriously, you might be able to hang it on a hook from the roof/lid rather than cut it up.  I always do them whole on my SFB, so other than that thought, I'm really only good for the smart aleck remarks on this one.

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Separate it, then lay the point ontop of the flat or the flat ontop of the point, whichever you think will work best..


I split one here just to fit my drum. You can do the same


I don't think there is any other way to cut a brisket that will produce a better product..

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