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spatchcock chicken

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as long as i had the smoker on might as well fill it up so i made a chicken


aug 15 002.jpg


i injected with some oil, beer, jalapeno juice and some chinese hot oil for a little zing


aug 15 003.jpg



dog loves the JUICE


aug 15 012.jpg



aug 15 015.jpg


aug 15 018.jpg


aug 15 019.jpg


aug 15 023.jpg



boy did this  come out great, nice and juicy and the hot oil put a good bit of heat in the meat


thanks for watching

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It all looks good but I love smoked chicken and yours looks great. Congrats man 

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Nice tip about using Chinese hot oil in the injection to add some heat to the meat. I'm going to give that a try.  How much oil did you use?

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I saw that on your other thread and I was wondering what it was. Your bird looks great as usual and I like the color it is nioce and even. What kind of rub did you use ????

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Taht does look great, bet it tasted as good too

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thanks guys

the injection was pretty simple

just a little jalapeno juice

some beer and oil about half and half

then a few ounzes of the chinese hot oil

stir it all together and inject away

let it sit overnight and soak in good


mark the rub was badia all purpose seasoning applied generously

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