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turkey breast

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made a nice breast for some sandwich meat


aug 15 001.jpg


all rubbed down and gonna sit overnight


aug 15 002.jpg


injected with some oil and beer mixture


aug 15 004.jpg


aug 15 015.jpg



aug 15 020.jpg



aug 15 021.jpg





gonna slice it up in a while   but it sure looks pretty


thanks for looking

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Now your turkey looks good too and it will make some dynamite sammies too.

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Keep up the nice work!!!!

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mmm looks good

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Nice looking yard birds Big and small!

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Looking great Rick - you are gonna have some great sammies

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well we sliced  it tonight and had to have some stuffin, mashed taters and black eyed peas for dinner   oh yeah and some gravy


aug 15 025.jpg


aug 15 026.jpg


aug 15 027.jpg


aug 15 028.jpg


aug 15 029.jpg


dinner was great

i need to take a nap during this jet, giant game


cant wait for a sandwich at work tomorrow

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The turkey looks great, send me some. How long did you cook it, and at what temp. This is probably a dumb question, but you made gravy from the dripping? if so let me know how.

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Now that just looks good

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Now that's some down-home cooking right there! YUM!


I think I saw a fatty in there, too.  You holdin' out on us?

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Nice Smokin'  my friend, That's the way it's done! 

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Originally Posted by mythmaster View Post

Now that's some down-home cooking right there! YUM!


I think I saw a fatty in there, too.  You holdin' out on us?

Oh Yeah, It's a Fattie!  http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/forum/thread/97681/ham-habanero-cheese-fattie

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Looks great.  Where is the tastovision when you need it!

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This breast looks as good as the other stuff in there!


Looks Awesome plated up with the trimmin's!


Thanks for showing,


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nice job rick.........smoked turkey breast is one of my favs!

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Looks great Rick.  The plate with the finished products caused me to drool a little on my keyboard, hopefully it won't affect the quality of my typing olkjoin / ;lkjoen aoicjaoinsd coiels s os osenje....

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what did you smoke with with? God my screen is soaked

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