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Made brisket for 40 people......

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OK I was talked in to making brisket fro 40 people since I am practicing for a contest at the end of August (1st one) I said I would do it.


Ill post pics for you.


I started at 8 am Saturday and was worried as the briskets were on the thick and large side. I foiled them after 5.5 hrs at 165 deg F. and 3hrs later the biggest one was at 206 so it was pulled and the smaller on stayed on for 45 min longer and pulled at 209 deg F. so at 5:15 both were done.


They sat for 30 min. them we took a car ride north to Faribault MN and placed inti a oven to keep warm, dinner was later than expected I was told 6 pm and we didn't eat until 8:pm So I was worried that the brisket would dry ou.


Well they stayed moist and everyone loved them except 1. so I guess it must heve been good.


I did aske a lot of them and they all said not to change a thing and that the brisket was awesone, some of these people eat brisket often and they had great reviews if it.


Keep in mind that I am new to this and this is my 3rd attempt at brisket, the first one I threw it in the garbeag (no kidding) and the second was just as good as these 2. I have learned a lot from you folks so thank you all for your comments and posts so we green horns can learn enough to make an edible product.


Pics aren't great but please say it like you see it.


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congrats on your success!  I'll be looking for the pix.  Briskets only get easier and better with practice, so keep at it and enjoy.  Cheers!

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Congrats on your success - looks good from here and from what you said you will do well in the contest - good luck

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BTW, I started the smoker (char broil barrel with fire box) with charcoal and used hickory chips as flavor. I also place oak firewood on and maintain temp with the oak from the start. and use hickory chips for the first 3 hours.


I would like to avoid using charcoal all together and just use dry oak so I am looking for a supply of dry split oak.

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They look real good to me! 


One suggestion:

Since they were both done at 5:15, instead of sitting for 30 minutes, then warming in the oven, next time double wrap in foil, then wrap in towels, then into a cooler for 1 or 2 hours---or a few more. This way you could have taken them out of the cooler at 6PM or 7PM or 8PM. It wouldn't matter when Dinner was. It would just be getting better and juicier the whole time.



My 2 cents,


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Now your brisket looks fabulous and I'm really glad that all the folks enjoyed them. Now they all looked good to me. Yea how did you do in the contest???

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Great looking briskies!! 

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Contest is on August 27 - 28

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very nice looking briskets!!  great job!

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The brisket looks fabulous, nice and juicy. Of the pics I like the second one the best. How many lbs total did you cook?

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The biggest one was 13 pounds, the smaller one was about 10 - 11pounds it was not marked for weight but was a little smaller than the 13 pounder.


The pic with 2  in it was the 13 pounder, it worried me a little so I cut a chunk off the end so I could get them done about the same time. the pan it is in is twice as big as the second photo's pan so it looks smaller but actually is bigger than the one that fills the pan.

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