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Today's Smoke

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Good Morning,


It's been a while since I have posted and I have been missing this site so I decided to share what I am smoking today.  I have a 12# Briskett (my 1st full Briskett to smoke), 3 rack's of baby back's, 1 breakfast Fatty (1st Fatty), about 12 abt's for the wife and I tonight, smoked baked beans and thinkin about doing smoked potatoes (not sure yet).  I am basically cooking for the freezer because school is starting ,for my wife and I, and having some ribs and briskett in the freezer makes for good quick dinners.  QVIEW below and more to come throughout the day.



 Here we have all the ingredients for the day!

All the ingredients8_15.jpg





1st Brisket a 12#er

 12lb Briskett.jpg


 Hoping that I trimmed this right?  Can someone please advise and let me know if I seperated the point from the flat correctly or how I can improve the trim?

Trimmed Briskett.jpg




 Seasoned and ready for the smoker!


 Seasoned Briskett.jpg



1st Bacon Weave for my 1st fatty

1st Bacon Weave.jpg



Fatty Fixins - Eggs, Potatoes, Onions, Mushorooms, and will add some Kraft Aged Wisconsin Sharp Cheddar.

Fatty Fixins.jpg




1st Fatty.jpg



 Threw the fatty in and the Brisket had already been going for a couple hours.  How's it look?

Smoker Getting it.jpg


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Looks like it is going to be a happy day at your house for sure

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Looks Great from here !





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Everything looks fabulous from here. Now I always leave alot of the fat on my briskets but that's me. You really did one fine job on that fattie too and a nice weave to.  Now you and yours will enjoy this smoke I'm sure. I'll check back in later.

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Looks great from out here too! 

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Thanks everyone. I will keep posting updates. 

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Looks like a great start

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1.) Breakfast Fatty complete.  It was amazing!!! The wife loved it and she doens't even like sausage.

Fatty Done.jpg





Fatty Smoke Ring_1.jpg


Fatty Smoke Ring_2.jpg



Below are the three racks of baby back ribs I am doing today.  I started to put the mustard on and forgot to take pics. 

Baby Backs.jpg


I started with a base coat of mustard and used my modified "Jeff's Naked Rib Rub".  I use his recipe and modify to taste. Can't go wrong with it.

Baby Backs rubbed.jpg




Brisket after 6 hours of cooking.







Ribs goin on and briskett at 7 hours.

















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Ribs going to end same time as brisket?  Looking forward to the final Q's.  So far looks like you're having fun an a nice Sunday afternoon.

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Yeah, that's the plan.  I am hoping it turns out that way.  I am about to throw on a dozen ABT's and getting ready to make my sauce.  It's a beautiful day in Broken Arrow Ok. Perfect amout of wind to make a 95degree nice. See you at the final Q!

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Those Briskies should be about done? Can't wait to see them sliced  

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