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I'm Back......I missed this place!

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Hey everyone!


I haven't been around in awhile......towards the middle and end of my wifes prenancy smoked meat wasn't high on her things she wanted most of my stuff got packed away and I got out of the habit of running the smokers.  We had our beautiful little girl on June 6th, best thing that ever happened to me.  I think its time to start teaching her how to smoke now....2 months thats plenty old!


We are needing to get a bunch of sausage made before deer season, and I am out of bacon,out of hot dogs, out of pulled pork, out of pretty much everything!  I've missed this place, I'll be posting some qview starting hopefully a tri tip in the fridge tonight!


Edit....forgot to add that my electric plywood smoker is going to be going through an overhaul here soon, going to change it to PID controlled and generally beef it up. I was going to build a metal one, but I am deciding just to modify what I have here first.  I'll be making a thread about that too. 

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Congrats on the girl and WELCOME back.

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Congrats on the daughter and welcome back.

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Congratulations on the arrival of your daughter and welcome back to SMF!  Looking forward to some Qview.  

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I  was wonderin where you have been. Congrats man and welcome back

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MIA no more!


Congrats on the little girl, and welcome back!



Now let's get smokin'


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Welcome Back and congrats

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Congrats!  Start whispering in her ear now "boys are bad"  You might be able to delay that first boyfriend!


Only worked on 1 of my 2 daughters.   (the one it didn't is engaged)

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