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Foiling back ribs with rum.

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Anyone ever tried this? I just foiled my ribs after 2.5 hours and i was gonna toss in some of the kids' apple juice but I spied a bottle of rum and figured i'de give that a try. I put about a shot-and-a-half with each rack. The way I see it, the alcy should steam out and leave behind that sweet taste on the meat... Any predictions? I have less than three hours before taste test time..

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Sounds like a great plan !!!!




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Sounds good. How did it turn out?

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White, dark, spiced?  We need to know.

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El cheapo bottom shelf stuff, reserved for rum and cokes when folks don't know that they aren't drinking myers anymore.. I guess you would say plain ol' rum. I don't even think a broke pirate would drink this..

028 (2).JPG

To quote my wife, "There's a hint of sweetness." I used a slightly modified version of Wild Willy's #1 rub and i basted at the end with some SBR bbq sauce mixed with a bit more rum. I have been accused of having too spicey, but never sweet ribs before so all in all I think it made a difference and was a success.

I would definately recommend trying it out on your own..

026 (2).JPG



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Those look mighty fine.

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Originally Posted by Pit 4 Brains View Post
I don't even think a broke pirate would drink this..

LMAO, now that's a great line! haha


Great looking ribs!  

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Looks great----"I love it when a plan comes together".




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Those look awesome - lots of folks use a mixture of Captn Morgan and apple juice in the same manner -

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Can't go wrong with anything.  If you want it to taste like something, eg rum, put the liquid in the spray bottle and spray it on at the very end. :)

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Now Pete those are some mighty fine looking ribs and the rum and apple juice have them tasting fine to I bet. I like the shine you have on them and there's another guy that wants them to look like yours.

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I've tried Rum one time and it was OK.  What I have had a lot of success with is Cherry Coke or any sweet soda.  After adding the soda you tent the foil and seal tightly.  I guess you are actually using a process called braising or cooking in liquid.

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hey thanx alot! the ribs were good, I'll attest to that.

Who's this other guy, Mark?

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those do look good...

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Pete I actually think Mark is referring to Whisky.  He has a post going here:


Maybe you can help him out 


Those do look sexy by the way. ;)

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I did some ribs yesterday with a mixture of Johnny Walker Blue and Apple Cider, I must say they turned out amazing! I was nervous about the using the Scotch but it was well worth the chance of failure. 

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