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BriskTATAs ...Q-VUE

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Practicin' for a comp. next week.  Using the BACKWOODS PAHTAY!!

brisket - 7.32lb. - injected

6.24lb no inject.

12:30 - coals on

1:15 meat in -- should have regulated temp a bit longer before meat on.

7:20am - B1 - 180deg

B2- 169deg.  -- HHmm...does the injection cook meat quicker??? 'muuust practice' <--said with HOMER SIMPSONesque voice


9:45am - B1 - 192deg. foiled and coolered

B2- 10:25am - 184deg. 


I'm tryin' a 'later foil' on this cook.


august 2010 026.JPG


august 2010 028.JPG


2 brisket and 2 St. Louis with tips...also a corned beef in bottom draw (1st timer)


august 2010 030.JPG

6 hours in injected brisket


august 2010 032.JPG


Mmmm....MEAT. (NOT as burnt as appears)  MR>BROWN goin' down!

august 2010 033.JPG

Hard to 'capture the TBS' -- wow...l guess I have a LOT of MANgear



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Looks great!  Practice is certainly key in competitions.  Make sure to keep a log book.  I would get lost if I didn't keep track of all the small changes I make.

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