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Ribs with Q-View

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Been cooking a lot of ribs this summer.

Here is my last batch...2nd best, the one prior was just the way I like it.

I smoked these and a batch of "Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans" to take to OC MD so I did them with a little less heat, cause I knew they were gonna be reheated.


After about 6 smokes this summer, I am happy to come up with my final method, for ribs anyhow, funny thing though, every time I smoked the ribs I got rave reviews... only if they knew they were my Guinea pigs.



Right off the smoker after a modified 3 - 2 - 1 ...


Picture 2010 07 121.jpg


Glazed with "Sweet Baby Rays"...

Picture 2010 07 124.jpg




Picture 2010 07 130.jpg


Picture 2010 07 131.jpg


Picture 2010 07 133.jpg




Picture 2010 07 128.jpg



I didn't take any pics of prep or in the smoker. SORRY


A few more weeks and the Reverse Flow should be done, basically just needs to be blasted and

painted, so I'm gonna be playing with some butts, got four 9-10 pounders IIRC, in the freezer to start with, probably do 2 at a time.

I may get a small butt and play with the Reverse Flow this weekend, should be cool enough out.

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Looks like you have your ribs naild down and dialed in nicely - Congrats

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yeah they look amazing.. im the same way with my ribs.. everytime i have smoked ribs this year it has been a different way and i havent had a bad one yet...

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looking good.  have fun in ocean city.

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