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figured everyone would do racks or split up racks so what is different

country style boneless ribs

got a large pkge from costco and split it in two piles

#1 was marinaded in jamaican jerk sauce


july 16 001.jpg


second batch was in honey garlic marinade


july 16 002.jpg


july 16 003.jpg


july 16 004.jpg


then of course had to fill up the smoker so why not throw some japs and shrooms in alsojuly 16 005.jpg


here they are filled and ready to go in, used the strawberry cream cheese, blue crab and seafood cheese stuffingjuly 16 006.jpg


still some room some added some beans


july 16 008.jpg


heres a few of the ribs after one hour, wrapped some in foil and put more jerk sauce inside the others were stuffed with the blue crab.  didnt wantt to cook the crab too long so only put it in and wrapped with bacon for the remainder


july 16 007.jpg


july 16 010.jpg



july 16 011.jpg


shrooms and japs are ready


july 16 012.jpg



and heres the finish shots of the ribs


july 16 019.jpg


july 16 014.jpg


july 16 017.jpg


july 16 018.jpg


so thats the plan

thanks everyone for the votes

i had ribs for three days!!