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That is a truly Umm  amazing commentary  The food as always is awesome and you reminded me about those potatoes - have not done them in years - forgot how good they are


Congrats on the peoples choice award

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I'm just a squirrel, trying to get a nut! LOL! Yea, I'm a little weird, but after all the BS I have been through I think having a warped sense of humor is a good thing. Thanks to all of you! I hope you try the potato recipe, it's so cool and always a conversation piece. Love me some SMF!!!!

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Always great to read your posts!!!


Thanks for the great recipe!!!!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Now that was some great looking food there Cheryl but I wouldn't expect any less from you. For the potato thingys that look amazing and delicious to. I have never ever thought of putting in fresh herbs inside them. Shear brilliance. I really like the ribs and the little veg opera was hularious to boot. Congrats on the win and I hope you many more victories. I have to keep this thread and show all my friends that are sure to love it too.

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Originally Posted by mballi3011 View Post

..... I have to keep this thread and show all my friends that are sure to love it too.

.... I have to keep this thread just to prove to my wife that I'm not the craziest person on the forum!

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Geat job there Squirrel ! Fun story too. Way to Go !!

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How did I miss this thread earlier?


Awesome stuff there, SG, and congrats!!

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I can't believe I missed this dramatic episode. Got so involved in the story I just about forgot the food. What would you call the offspring?

How about pomatoe.


The food looks so awesome. Love those potatoes. I will have to make some too.


Thanks for the great entertainment.

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Thanks KC and once again, welcome to SMF! I am indeed a bit warped, but I have a lot of fun!

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