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Grade of Brisket ?

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   Is there  different grades of brisket? Bought a whole brisket and had it cut in 4 lb ers. I have had others that didn't seem to be as grainy and tender. Thanks, enjoying the site!

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Yes they are graded the same as all beef.

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Beef sold in the U.S. is required to be inspected.  Grading is optional, and the packer will pay extra for the grading process.  Most meat is graded voluntarily.  Grading is done by the carcass.  It would depend on what grade of carcass the brisket came from.  While it is more complicated, in general, quality grades are based on marbling and estimated age of the animal. This is intended to give an "indicator" of the quality of the meat. Yield grading is not something the consumer cares much about from a qualitative standpoint.

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How do you choose your brisket
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I prefer a packer trim. find one that will bend very easily and it should turn out very tender

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Some will differ.  The brisket is not a "prime" cut.  We cook them low and slow to make them delicious.  I would not pay extra for a prime graded brisket.


Good luck and good smoking.

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