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Too much smoke?

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 I have recently started smoking, have done it a few times in the past but recently bought a used Braunfelds offset box barrel smoker. Using oak, apple, and cherry woods. The outer crust on my ribs numbs the tongue. The tenderness and internal flavor are there, but the meat is so smoky flavored. Bring it in the house and the otherhalf and kids freak out because of the smoky smell.  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks  Tim

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In a nutshell, too much smoke. You want thin blue smoke, not thick white smoke. Stop into roll call and introduce yourself. Take the 5 day ecourse and you'll be on your way to rib nirvana. This forum has all the info you need. Just sit back relax and start reading.

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Welcome to SMF Tim...what Placebo said...swing by Roll Call and introduce yourself, let us know what kind of smoker you have etc and they'll be plenty of folks more than willing to get your on your way to smokin' bliss!  


You don't need or want billowing clouds of smoke as it will create a creosote on your chow and will cause what you've described.  You want thin blue smoke (TBS),


Good luck and stick with it!  A little tweaking here and there and posting your questions will get you smokin' some finger suckin' ribs in no time!  


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Thanks...I have already gotten through the 5 day course. I will do as suggested. Thanks  Tim

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Tim...give us a little more detail on building your fire etc, what are you burning, etc. Check out the minion method for starting up your fire

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Charcoal, about a gallon. When down to white coals I spread her out and add a piece of cherry ( or apple) and a piece of oak. I shut down the air supply to about a half inch once it lights, and keep the stak almost closed too.

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Open that stack up and you should get rid of the creosote taste. As the others said your looking for thin blue smoke or no smoke just the smell of it. If you still get white smoke after opening the exhaust stack then try smaller pieces of wood

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Yes open that stack all the way, seriously I dont know why mfg's even put a dampner on at all.  Here's a wiki to give you an idea of TBS. The wiki section is a wealth of information.

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Yeah... basic rule is if you can smell the smoke you are getting smoke.... don't have to be able to see it that much.

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I also have to say that you are just looking the finest whiffs of smoke that's why we call it Thin Blue Smoke. That's what we strive for and want into our dishes. If you can smell the smoke you are smoking and flavoring thr meat

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I was using split logs after the charcoal ran out. Looks like I need to get some quality charcoal and chop my wood into smallish chunks.  I have seen a basket used in the same type of smoker for the coal bed. Now I understand why.  Thanks to all.  Tim

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