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Pork loin question

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I am going to do a 1/2 of a whole loin this weekend. Approx 4 lbs. Any ideas to help keep moist.  Also want temp should I smoke at? what internal temp to go to? and about how long will it take? just need a rough idea to be able to plan dinner.

Thanks for any help

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How about an injection?


I had some good luck with one this past weekend with no injection, and just a spritz. But I foiled at 145, added apple juice to foil, adn continued it up to 165


I would guess you're looking at just over 3 hours at around 250. Good LUCk. Take some pics for us!

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You could also wrap it in yummy bacon but as long as your low & slow it shouldnt dry out?

Try around 240-250 in the smoker & 150-160 for slicing & eating.


Dont forget the q-view

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I would try and keep the smoker at about 230* to 250* ansd then I would take the loin to maybe 145*-150* and then let it rest and you should be fine. I like alittle oink in my pork to me it keeps it juicy and really good flavor too.

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Anything over 145° will kill trichinosis, the main thing is not to overcook it.  150-155° max on the internal; once it's off the heat it will continue to cook by itself (leave your thermo in it and watch!) while it rests.

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I did one last weekend.  I took it off at IT of 155.  It went all the way to 163 while resting.  I like my pork nice and juicy and while this one was very good, next time I'll take it off at 150.

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I take mine to 150 internal just to be safe. Also I wrap with bacon and inject.

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i did a magic dust rub on mine.. and wrap in bacon and smoked till it hit 160 and wrap it for a hour (waiting on company to come over) came out perfect and it was a 5 lber

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