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New rib rack for my #1 yahoo.gif

Ikea Variera Pot lid Rack/organizer - Stainless steel $6

I like your ideal, Just ordered a #3 to go along with my SmokinTex 1500. Been using the Tex for years got one of the first test models. Getting the #3 where it will fit in our Basement of our RV. Looking forward to using the #3 side by side with the Tex. And comparing them. If the #3 is as good as the 1500. It will be a keeper for sure.

Plan on ordering 6 sets of those Lid Racks. Three per rack and hole 6 sides of Baby backs per rack. I now get 4 sides per rack and use 8 racks on the 1500. Love it but its way to big to get into the RV. It has had 120 lbs of Boston butts on it at a time. 4 per rack 3 racks full. Could get 4 racks full but man its packed to do that.

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My first electric smoker was a toss-up between the Cookshack 066 and the ST 1500. I chose the CS 066.  Never understood the reasoning behind the twin elements rather than just one. How did it work out for you.  As to the 3, you are going to enjoy it. Looking forward to the comparisons.

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All smokers should have the dual elements. Mine if and I have lost one. Never lost meat, as one element will run it. But not as fast as when both are working. I lost one  with 70 lbs of chicken Qtr's on it. I had set aside 5 hours to have it done. 3 hour and wrap and store in the cooler with the 120 lbs of Boston Butts. Then take out when it was time to start feeding the 300 people. Well it took 4;45 minutes to finish the chicken. And still was eaten. Ever piece was eaten and had people from NC to Ca telling me they had never had chicken that was tender and juicy at the same time.

Wish the #3 had dual elements on it. And thinking there will be later on. Also as for dual elements, I can put wood in both and let the left one (Main one) Start the burn. Then after 2 hours kick on the other switch, thus a new batch of wood to finish the smoke with . Works out great, ST stopped using dual switches. So that did not work on the later models. Mine was one of the first 12 made. And got it for a song. Paid $750. for it. But was not Approved for commercial use. Best $750. I had ever let go of.


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Before you buy that PBC take a look at the Motor City Smokers V6 or V8 barbecue smoker. It has way more temp control. It takes two to three weeks too get one but man it does an amazing job. Just my two cents.

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Before you buy that PBC take a look at the Motor City Smokers V6 or V8 barbecue smoker. It has way more temp control. It takes two to three weeks too get one but man it does an amazing job. Just my two cents.

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I was hesitant in considering an electric smoker after years of using a wood burner.  I did a lot of research and decided on a Smokin-It.  Mine came in the week before Labor Day.  After seasoning it, I smoked some salmon and ribs.  I was not impressed with the lack of smoked flavor, but my family said they could taste the smoke.  Labor Day weekend I smoked a smorgasbord of meats simultaneously.  My chicken quarters were mushy.  A couple of weeks ago I decided to smoke a brisket and it was great. 


Two things I learned.  It is a smoker, not a grill.  So if you cook varied types of meat at the same time you have to be cognizant that the temps could vary drastically. In the future I will use the grill I kept for that.  Secondly and most important to me, follow instructions and utilize the functions correctly.  Since I have been smoking and grilling for years, I had to realize there is no further need for proximity in keep the oven at a close temperature.  I did not use my meat probe and winged it on the time and temperature for the meats. 


About 2 weeks ago I smoked a brisket following instructions and using the meat probe and auber.  It was the best brisket I had ever smoked.  This coming from a traditional smoker, my Smokin-It 3-D cant be beat.  I have been looking forward to the next time I smoke.  I had planned to smoke some jumbo turkey legs for the state fair this weekend, but everyone is out of pocket so I will have to wait until next weekend.   

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It appears to be a Smokin Tex clone.  In and of itself not a bad thing. I have been using a Smokin Tex for 6 years now and have never used a better smoker, and I have tried several since the early 80's.  This unit is smaller  but the #2 is about the size of my ST-1400.  It does not require wet wood and only scant ounces of chips per pound of meat.  Very uniform in cooking and doubles as a prime rib cooker.  If this is anywhere near as good as the Smokin Tex, it is a definite winner. 



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Like it smoked and bloody! :sausage:

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The Smokin-it was delivered today. Fast shiiping, packed well. Double boxes and even has some I think it was metal angle on the top edges. Plenty of  styerfoam to protect it also. Got it out of the box and put the wheels on. Then the cord holders, like that for sure. Plus the 12ft power cord is a plus also. Then the side handles makes picking it was way better then without these. Sprayed down the inside with cooking spray. Then added 6 oz of wood, let it run 7 hours. Will wipe it down in the am, then fire it up again for the day. Will do the first meat on it Monday.


Tomorrow will be putting 14 whole catfish that weight 10 lbs on my 1500 SmokinTex. Got them in a 2.5 gallon ziplock bag tonight soaking in the Brine. Will take my big half circle needle and cotton string. Run the needed through the collar bone and back bone. tie a loop in the rest. I then use oak dowel rods to hang the fish in  the smoker. Run it an hour at 225, then prop the door open just where its cracked for 1.5 hours at 165 degrees. This allows them to look more like there fried. AS there golden brown and soooo good.

Hope next week to catch a few Stripers around 10 lbs each. Will smoke those on the half shell. Fillet the meat off leaving the skin and scales. Smoke and throw the skin and scales away. Man there good that way.


Will also be building a stand for the Smokin-it soon. I have 20 or so 6 and 8ft Aluminum angle 1"x1" will build the stand 24" tall and the same width and length as the smoker. Add 2 SS Alumium shelfs on it to stiffen it up. Have both and may just go Alumium as it will weight less.


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Pete - you will like the SI3.   

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So the one thing that really frustrates me about this smoker is the placement of the smoke box temperature probe (and the length of it).  I just smoked a full packer brisket in 4.4 hours overnight because when I put the brisket in the next-to-top slot, I accidentally forgot about the temp probe, which got inserted into the brisket - so the auber thought that the temp in the smoke box was whatever the temperature of the meat was, so it cranked up the heating element since the temp of the meat was I have no idea what the max temp the heating element gets up to, but that's the temp I smoked the brisket...I wish the temperature probe would be located somewhere else or at least use a different probe that doesn't pretty much wipe out using a few of the slots for large cuts of meat.

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Pete - you will like the SI3.   

So far I like it, Started the Seasoning Friday evening. Used some of the wood that came with the smoker. Shows to be Hickory, but sure did not smell like it. Sat I loaded it up with 6 oz of my Hickory, you could smell it was Hickory. Ran the smoker 8 hours with that. Last night picked up a lb of fat back. starting the smoker in a little while. Will let that fat meat sit on the top rack and drip down and splatter all over the smoker. This does a better job of seasoning. Tomorrow will throw on a  Boston butt. let it smoke at 225 for 18 hours. Try it out the Wed, most of our Boston butts we buy will weight around 9 lbs each.


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Pete , pork does a great job of seasoning. I have had butts finish to pulled perfection in 12 hours as well as going to 16. Always work with the probe and on occasion I will double check with an instant read.

smoking4fun - I have read a Post or two elsewhere whereby someone skewered their meat on the probe or had the meat resting on it. The current placement was determined to be where the smoker temp was the most stable. I suppose if you wanted to you could relocate it so that it runs parallel to the back wall or the ceiling for minimal interference. Not sure how that would affect accuracy or the warranty. But now that you know I doubt you will have the same accident again. Good luck.
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It is a good smoker.  I have the number 2 and really like it.  Go to their website:   Down the left side, select smoking-it forums.  That forum is exclusively Smokin-It and owners.  Lots of good info there.  Knock off or not, it's a damn good smoker


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SI is the best bang for the buck.
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I have a Smokin-It 1 and LOVE it...

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Enjoy the smoker Holly.. A really solid piece of equipment that will last for many years. And it is a lot of smoker for the money!
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Thanks!! I'm lovin it so far!!!

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Good to hear that you are enjoying the smoker.
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No have not heard of that one I purchased a best Masterbuilt Electric Smoker price was good and easy to operate

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