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They should sell well.

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I had almost forgot about this thread until Old Sarge had reminded me about it. I just recently had the privilege of meeting Steve when I picked up my new smoker. #3. All I have to say is this is definitely lazy Q at its finest! Now that I no longer have to run back and forth checking and maintaining a propane unit I can see this becoming even more enjoyable.

This may just turn into Fat Lazy Q. Lol
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Steve is a great person to deal with. And you saved quite a bit on shipping. Congrats on your purchase.
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I just bought the #1 size after trying a Bradley two years ago.
Much happier.
Smokin-it is very well built.
Excellent quality.
Shipped immediately with numerous accessories.
Great customer service.
I called first to discuss and all my questions were answered.
Then ordered on-line.
Although I am a novice smoker, my spare ribs came out awesome.
Everyone raved.
What I really liked was the "set it and forget it" ability of thIs insulated, electric unit.
I also bought the two probe remote temp sending unit.
I used the recommended rub and smoking times/ temps from this site and even a novice can be a hero.
I highly recommend buying the book offered here and the rub recipes.

You will not go wrong armed with this info AND you will love the Smokin-it Smoker.

Get out your credit card and enjoy!
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Congratulations on the purchase and your first smoke.
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Congrats to the new SI owners!  Best smokers on the planet!

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What is the source in Colorado?

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G Man Mo - What specifically do you mean by the source in Colorado?

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Just bit the bullet and ordered the model 3D, about 2 hrs after ordering, already had a tracking number :) Stalking of the Fed Ex truck has began.... can't wait.

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It was listed later in the thread. 

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Must have missed it. Still cannot find.

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I received a Smokin-It Smoker Model #2 for Christmas and have already used it a dozen times.  This is a very well designed and quality built piece of equipment as evidenced by the heavy gauge stainless steel construction.  The door is a precision metal-to-metal fit eliminating the need for rubber gaskets which will surely deteriorate over time.  The door latches are design to seal the door tightly to eliminate any leakage.

This unit operates as designed.  It is well insulated and held its temperature while being used in 12 degree weather.

Last but not least, customer service is excellent. I have placed several orders for accessories and Steve has been a pleasure to deal with.  I did a lot of research on smokers and the Smokin-It Smoker Model #2 has exceeded my expectations

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I have smoked with #3 in -20F weather with only a slight delay in getting to temp, and once at temp I did not experience any issues at all with maintaining the temp.


My only issue is that the far from my pork butt solidified almost immediately once it left the smoker drain hole which caused what I call a "Fat Volcano". ;)


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You going to put that piece of fat sculpture up on eBay for sale?

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I really should have. But alas, it was placed in the garbage after taking the picture. :)

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Just looking through the additional posts since I was here last.  Thought I would throw in a comment.  If you are reading through this trying to make a decision on a SI, I highly recommend it.  I have owned my Smoke-it #2 almost 3 years now.  I would not consider even looking at anything else if you can afford it. 


Mine has the original temp control, not much different than the one in your oven.  On, up a few degrees, off down a few degrees.  So what.  I have used mine at 10° out of the wind, no problem.  After a little practice, everything I smoke turns out great.  It is a little expensive, but it is a very high quality built  double wall insulated SS box. Not much to go wrong. 10 years or more.should not be a problem other than it may need a replacement heater element or thermostat someday.  I feel I definitely got my moneys worth.  I have saved that much by not buying charcoal and wood chunks already.  It is a miser on wood chips. 


It makes smoking everything stupid easy.  Load it up, wait for the meat temp buzzer to go off when it is done, take it out.  Especially for long smokes of pork butt or brisket you can get a good nights sleep instead of getting up every couple of hours checking what is going on in your smoker.


The only thing we do not care for as much in it is chicken. We like a little more char with higher heat, so usually do that on charcoal with wood chunks, but that is a relatively quick cooking item.


Just my opinion by another satisfied customer. 

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Telling it like it is.
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