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Looks great! Hope you like it as much as I like my #2.
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Honkin' huge smoker!  I'll bet it performs as well as it looks. Judging by the roast, I would say I made a safe bet. 


Worth the investment? 

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Nice smoker nice cook  Looks great



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Padin , very nice , &  how long did it take to cook a roast that size ?

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Originally Posted by old sarge View Post

Honkin' huge smoker!  I'll bet it performs as well as it looks. Judging by the roast, I would say I made a safe bet. 


Worth the investment? 

worth the investment?  I don't know, my wife sure does not think so... yet!  Boy was she sore when she saw the bill on the credit card.  My budget was $700 and I ended up spending $1400.

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Originally Posted by OFFSHORE GINGER View Post

Padin , very nice , &  how long did it take to cook a roast that size ?

Thanks!  I put it in at 11:30 and pulled it at around 4:40ish.  My times are in the post.

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It can be rough justifying certain purchases. For grills and smokers doubly tough if the spouse is a Luke warm fan of outdoor cooked food. Yes it was expensive. Show her the Cookshack models and their capacity and also the SmokinTex. $ for $ you have a true bargain and a ton of real estate for smoking. You will probably have to say yes dear for the next several months. No matter what. That is why there is beer.

Enjoy and good luck. And happy smoking.
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One thing about smoking as a hobby, Everybody gets to enjoy the results. You need to figure out what she really likes and perfect it for her.

As much as I like smoked meat. My wife will say give it a rest.



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They work very well if you don't have to regulate air flow. Temperature can vary 20 degrees on analog  controller. Best to get  an auger electronic temp controller .  Excellent pull pork and baby back.

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Congratulation on the purchase of one great looking smoker, and the initial grub looks delicious.

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thanks guys!  one day, when the weather will allow, I will start my second smoke in it.

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Crazy weather all over   Here in East Texas supposed to be in the 70's today and start raining and by Monday Sleet and in the 30's



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Great looking smoker. Crazy weather here in GA as well. However I will hang some sausage to smoke in my humble SI1 in preparation for dinner tonight. Congratulations.
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This time Virginia was in the way of the last storm, low down to 3 to 13 for the last  5 days  and today is the first above 32. I realize that this would be normal in the middle of the country. But not in Virginia      Jted

Paiden, When she gets over the bill and you start cooking dinner,  You will see the smile.

Nice Smoker keep us in the Q view loop.

Sometimes it is better to just ask for forgiveness   Jed

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Ok I just have to chime in on this. woke up this morning colder than crap here about 39 should reach 60 today it did yesterday. have a great week all

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What are the feelings on temperature between 225 to 275 in the smokin it? I know its a moist environment. Thoughts?
I cant seem to make up my mind.
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its a really good smoker. set and forget.. the temperature of the analog is not 100% accurate during the smoke .. but i go by internal temperature of the meat when cooked to my satisfaction. 275 in my unit will sometimes reach 300..    once seasoned this is a great simple to use smoker! never burnt!

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I usually set my SI 1 to approximately 210 on the dial. It fluctuates between 185 and 230 at that setting according to my ET72. Sometimes when smoking a Boston Butt I'll crank it all the way up to 250, but only when it stalls during a long smoke. I've used this smoker heavily during this winter(3-4 times a week) and it has never let me down. I'm wondering what kind of life span the heating element has on it. Anyone?
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I have the PID for it and it holds steady at a specific temp but I just don't know which temp is best. I can even reach 325 if i would like.
I have heard both sides. I hear 225 dries ribs outs and I hear 275 doesnt cook the fat off before giving it a bark. I am just unsure of how the moisture in this smoker impacts those theories.

Jon D
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Experiment and find what temperature works best for you.
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