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Stall was my first guess also; But not knowing the right temp (who knows?)

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At 160 its ready to foil & should b left in the foil. It's probably just stalling for awhile while the the contective tissue breaks down (making it extremly tender) Just ride out the stall. The temp in the meat will rise in its own good time. Low & slow brother. It will be worth it.

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Check Wal Mart, Lowes or one of those type stores...Lowes carries a Taylor brand which is a pretty reliable may save you a little shipping cost and you won't have to wait to get it.  Do some poking around in the forum for more information and plan out your next smoke, it'll be worth it and will provide you some delicious Q.  


Keep the can do this fairly inexpensively, you've already got the smoker to get you started, don't give up!!  


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I think it could be awhile longer so if i dont get a finished photo up tonight it will be tomorrow for sure. 

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if you read my thread i posted you can get a good thermo for the lid and an electric one for the meat probe for 32.00 bucks for both from walmart..........bob



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Oh nice I'll swing by and check it out

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Anddd the end result






I know it isnt the best pork ever made, but Ide be lying if I said I wasn't a bit proud of myself for getting to this point, it wasn't the smoothest smoke, but in the end I am happy with the results. I got a piece with some nice bark on it and man I had to stop chewing for a moment so I could take in the wonderful flavor. I know I still have allot to learn, but for now, I think its time for a pulled pork sandwich ;) (and then some sleep!) Thanks so much for the help guys, I appreciate it and I look forward to continuing my learning process here.

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right on!!

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Looks good!  It is always a learning process.  Just think how difficult it would be without this website and all the good people on it helping us out.  I would definitely make the mods to your smoker and get a good probe.  It makes all the work your doing so much easier and efficient. 

Can't wait to see the next Qview!

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well done ...........bob



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Hey guys as for extending my stack to get near the grate, I got some sheet metal and I have it cut to the point where this extension is hanging right above the grate, almost literally touching it, how much more am i going to want and cut it, should it be hanging straight down an inch above the grate or what?

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as close as ya can get it.............bob



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so basically, if ive got it to where sliding the grate under it would be a bit tricky because the top of the grate will skim the rim of my attachment, thats all good?

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ya got it now  now get some 1/8" steel plates for heat shields and your set.........bob



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