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very well said my friend! and it looks like the internal of the shoulder is at 140.

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The good looking meat will follow. Lets just make sure its safe to eat at this point! So what kind of probe are you using now?

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haha smart move. And its a cheap one I picked up from publix, just a metal probe attached to a heat gauge.

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6 hours in, 145 internal.

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Are you saying it took 6 hourse to get above 140?   I'm no authority on food safety but I do know that you need to get that hunk of meat to 140 within 4 hours to stay out of the danger zone???  Hopefully someone will be along soon with more knowledge than I have on this

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hmmm wow thats another loop in this story lol, perhaps my heat hasn't been efficient.

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what temp are you at?

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about 225

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Your temps seem right? what gauge are you using to tell you that? The stock ones are always off? The main question is if the meat actually took 6 hours to get to 140.

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Yes I really think it took that time, my buddy just came over with an electric thermometer and he pointed it into the chamber and it read 160, theress the problemm. I tell you what though he brough some logs and those are the way to go, ive been using wood chips, but this log is keepin it nice n hot and smoky. Yepp this whole thing is not quite as planned. There is much more progress now with the addition of the log, all I can really do is let it keep going, im not stoppin after all this.

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That meat may make you sick my friend!! Its been in the danger zone for WAY too long!!



Are you not using lump charcoal in the offset smoker of yours? That would keep your heat for you. Nothing wrong with the log as long as you know what your doing? Its very easy to over smoke & get that cresote taste.


If money is an issue you can get one of those cheap oven therms & set it inside your smoker. Use that electric one for the MEAT. Thats the most important temp!


I really hope you don't get sick man! It's NO fun

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Hey Supersmoke,


Bravo! yu get a 10+ for fortitued.I hope the pork worked out well in the end

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well after all this im gonna go ahead and eat it if i can finish it off, ive never been a "safe" guy anyways haha. And Im using Briquettes. Next time I will use lump coal and a log like I am now, ever since i put on this log the internal of the meat has gone up 20 degrees no problem. Boy the list of problems you can have while smoking is endless!

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Since you're almost finished up with this smoke, just thought I'd post a couple links to help you get your next one going.  But as realtorterry posted, you do want to be careful with your meat temps and keeping things safe...I prefer it to exit in a solid state if ya know what I mean. :)  And if you're sharing this with anyone else they'd appreciate it too.  It is very important to get the internal meat temp to 140* within the first 4 hours...if you're eating this yourself, and want to ignore the warnings, no problems, but if you're feeding others like I said, they'll appreciate not getting sick and will come back for more another day! 


Here's a link to the USDA fact sheet on food safety for smoking meat and poultry, http://origin-www.fsis.usda.gov/Fact_Sheets/Smoking_Meat_and_Poultry/index.asp


Check this one out for fire building, this particular write up is for a bullet but will work in your firebox, http://www.virtualweberbullet.com/fireup2.html  


Basic Pulled Pork as posted earlier, http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/wiki/basic-pulled-pork-smoke


If you can, pick up a digital probe for your meat, just makes things easier (IMO) to monitor your meat temps, don't have to open the lid to check temps etc .  And if you can pick up a second one to monitor your chamber temps.  Stick the probe of the second one through a piece of wood or a potato, set it on the cooking grate and you have an accurate chamber temp.  Or as already suggested in a previous post, pick up an oven thermometer if you have to because the original one is most likely not accurate.  While your friend is there with his check your lid gage temp compared to his and you can get an idea how far off your chamber gage is and adjust from that in the meantime.


Good luck and let us know how it goes!  Stick with it and have fun! 

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Hows the fight going my friend? Any end pics?

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yes im going to try to pick up a digital thermometer from amazon so i dont have to open the lid so much. and I will have to check out the fire building most of all,. i think thats the biggest issue, I just checked and the log I put in is now on fire and the temperature of the smoker is great, if this had been the case all along things would be better, next time ill make sure i have a fire going before I start. This hobby is gonna dig into my wallet so hard lol. As for the fight, this long epic fight, I have put the last of the briquettes on and as i stated before the log is on fire giving the smoker a great temp, but I fear it is too late, but I will let it burn as long as it can and see if it can somehow magically get the meat up 30 degrees. This little project isnt looking so good, but 3rd times a charm and I think I will go into that battle ready for victory ;)

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Have you foiled that bad boy yet?

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Interested in how this is going to work out   Not sure if I would eat it, But (no pain no gain) LOL  I love my Mav ET-73 it works great, and I use the Minion Method with lump and chunks, Takes alot of guesswork out of the smoke! Good Luck and Happy Smokin my Friend

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Well It was foiled but the heat wasnt rising at all, i unwrapped it and put it back in, same result, so i just took it out and out of curiosity i twisted a fork in it, very tender, enough to be pulled I would think. I have foiled it back up and put it in the smoker, at this point I dont know why the temp isnt rising above 160 on my gauge, i put it in the firebox and it rose above this temp so it must be working. I suppose Ill just leave it in until the temp isnt suitable for smoking anymore, then pull it and see how things go.

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At 160 its ready to foil & should b left in the foil. It's probably just stalling for awhile while the the contective tissue breaks down (making it extremly tender) Just ride out the stall. The temp in the meat will rise in its own good time. Low & slow brother. It will be worth it.

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