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what kind of wood is this?

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I am in western washington.  I cut down this tree for  someone.  I think it is some variety of a dogwood.  The main trunk of the tree went straight up and did not branch off into a V.  About 20 to 30 feet up the tree is where the first set of branches were.  Looks similar to an alder in shape.  Can anyone Identify it and can I use it for smoking. 








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Try this wizard to identify your tree:


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Hickory?  Buckeye?  Chestnut?  lol...I love mysteries, but I don't think I'm qualified to solve this one.  Jerry (pineywoods) should have an educated opinion.  :)  

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Does it grow any kind of nut?

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Do you have a picture from before it was cut down?

Searched the link posted by Abigail4476 and came up with Hackberry, here's the results-

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That bark and leaves looks more like hickory.

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I didn't take any pics of it before I cut it down.  I don't know if it flowers, bears fruit or nuts or how it seeds.  My father-in-law is gonna compare it to a willow tree and a cottonwood tree he has on his property.  Thanks for the suggestions keep them coming.  It is most definitely a mystery.  It has to be native to washington state, because it was in a remote area that has only been occupied in the last 10yrs or so. 

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Mystery solved!!!  It is a narrowleaf cottonwood tree.  My father in-law has several growing on his property.  From what I read it doesn't really have much of a flavor to it for smoking (less than alder).  I might dry out a few chunks and try it out.

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Might make a good fuel wood. Glad you solved the mystery.

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