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Congrats BMudd14474!!

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on the newest addition to your family!! Hope the baby and wife are doing fine.

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I concur.. congratulations to the newest addition of the Mudd family!!

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Congrats to both of you on the birth of your new son!!

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Congratulations Brian on the new addition (Future Smoker)

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Uh Oh, what did you do Brian?


LOL-----Congrats !---Hope all are doing GREAT !




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congrats brian!!!!!!!!!!

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Congratulations goes out to Brian nd the wife for bringing a new boy/smoker dude into this world.  Yea Yahoo  Yeeppiieee

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Congrats on the little one!  Here's a starter kit.



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Way to go pal.  Good wishes to you and the family!

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Congrats Brian.

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Congrats Brian - we are all proud and happy for ya

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Thanks everyone. He was 7lbs 6oz 21" long. Photobucket

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Awwwww....he's precious, Brian!!!  Congratulations!  

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Congratulations Brain!

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Congratulations, Brian! Wishing you and yours all the best!

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Oh, he's precious Brian, you've gotta be proud! Best wishes to your wife for a speedy recovery.


He's saying "I caught one this big!" LOL

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Thanks everyone. We are excited and happy thats its a boy. We didnt find out before hand. Our 4yr old boy said that if it was a sister baby we would take it back and get a brother baby. Thankfully we didnt have to do that because it worked out.

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Congrats !

Enjoy 'em while they're young, they DO grow up fast my friend.

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Congrats on the new son Brian.  He'll be teething on a rib bone in no time!


Wishing your wife a speedy recovery!

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