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Re; Rio Grande and I

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Haveing the family cooking throw down .....  Cant do anything with Bros. when they get togather , Smoking a 15 + lb Prime Rib , a Briskett about the same size and threw in 2 chickens for appit. Hope to get some pics on later cant get a siginal 4 my cell here and it hase the pics on it ....

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Looking forward to the Qview. Sounds like trouble you and Jeff in the same place at the same time

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 Jerry I will be here for a week so it could be verry bad LOL Haveing a great time

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LOL Never send Rick for meat a 10lb chunck turned into A 16 hunk of meat,,, but I am betting nobody is gonna go hungry...


9.8 lb Brisket just got wrapped and tossed back inot the smoker....


Awfully nice having the rodent around.....


Really the only thing that is missing from the last time we had prime rib together is Jerry!!

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Now wait just a minute. i was at jerry's last time you were there and i heard nothing about prime rib??  That must have been b4 i got there.

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Sounds like someone left you out of the loop Eman.

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You were just 4 or 5 days late Bob

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Hey Bob,


If I only had a little PR left I wouldn't tell either.  LOL

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Wow fellas,,,, Almost the best prime rib ever. Jerrys is still better.


The PR was awsome. the thinner end covered the folks that wanted it more done (yuck) and the rest was about medium. Funniest thing is after the work it took, Rick and I took an end each and were thrilled.

Probably 4lb left to fight over tomorrow.


Brisket turned out good. As a matter of fact I declare that as of today I have brisket down.. Especially when I have Rick to sit and watch the ET73.. While I take a nap of course.


Chicken looked pretty good,, but in all honest we were so full that I never even pulled it apart, just tossed it into the fridge for tomorrow.


We have pix and will add tomorrow...


Good faimly, good food, good day


Ya bob,, gotta show up a few days earlier ...

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Dang brother I got to get my work done and get over there,,, Making me hungry !!

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Hmmm... Smoker #1 - Shirt but no hair "net".  Smoker #2 - Hair "net" but no shirt.  What would the Dept. of Health say???


Looks great guys!

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Dang Rick couldn't you find a bigger hunk of meat to slap in the smoker

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there aint no law around here



Figures we get a pic f the done end,,, not the good end....


Get him Jerry,,, 16 lb,,,, Jesh,,,,, LOL it was impresive.. And for the record there was about 1 inch on either end of the rib,, so not sure 17lb would fit...

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Ahh the pix


16lb rib roast.JPGBrisket.JPGSliced brisket.JPGchickens 2.JPG

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Hey Guys I'm running towards youas fast as I can. I'm just hoping that there will be some meat left over. 16lbs is all for you guys come on I'll taste it and let you know who won what in this throwdown.

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I looking for the 10 score card!! Dang good looking smoke job.

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As always come on mark !!

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I keep checking my email and snail mail and somehow my invite did not ever get here


LOL - Great looking feast - hope you enjoyed eatin it as much as we did lookin at it

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Was some really great food here people : always is when me and lil bro. get togather

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