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Tomato-Basil-Mozzerella Fattie III with Qview

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being i finally got this picture thing figured out...


went to the produce section... the garden that is...

this will be the 3rd year i have made my most favorite fatty of all. the ingreds... fresh maters, fresh hungarian wax peppers, fresh basil, and fresh mozzerella.

ingreds prepped

made up 2 of them, on some italian sausage i mixed up day before...


rolled and ready to smoke!!! did i mention topped off with a lil of my rub on the left, and some mad hunky on the right...

done, lettin them set a bit before cutting into

and here ya go... if ya got the ingreds you really need to try this one out!!! i tried doing with store bought maters etc. and its not even close...

also picked a cupla cabages, one a purple one, and made up some slaw.

and also smoked a cupla chix, basted with beer and rub with a lil extra brown sugar. plan was the sugar to carmelize and help crisp up the skin???

the caremalization worked but shoulda just went with higher heat on the end. the skin didnt turn out like i thought it would...


thks for checkin my pix!  
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Looks good!

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Absolutely Awesome Erain !



This thumbs up is for you!




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  Oh man that looks great. Nice having fresh veggies like that. Those maters are making me drool.  feedme.gif

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That looks Delicious Erain, I just started picking maters here, (got a late start) but boy are they good.

Yours are interesting looking, are they some type of heirloom variety?

Thanks for sharing the Q-view

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Erain - just another out of bounds post  - if only I could  so instead

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great pics, that all looks very good!!!!

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Dang Erain that is one fantastic looking fatty my friend. Not sure how I missed it when you posted it but glad I found it.

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My mouth is watering right now... oh so good looking.

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Minnesota huh?  Thats not too far from SC I dont think...  I NEED SOME OF THE QUE!  That got my mouth watering bad.  awesome awesome awesome looking sammie and fattie.


Lunch never seemed so far away at 9:13am.


Thanks for the you !

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