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Shepards Pie Fatty

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Not real sure how this is going to turn out, but I made the bacon weave as usual, mixed 1.5lbs of 97% beef, and .5lbs of sweet italian sausage. I then added a layer of mashed potato, layer of corn, a little onion, and some shredded cheese and rolled her up. Like I said I am not sure how well the tater is going to hold up inside, but we shall see. Of course the pork/beef was nicely seasoned with some rub. I also drizzled a little sauce on top right before rolling. Your thoughts are welcomed as always and I will post some Qview shortly

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well I failed you Q view lovers, I will get after shots, but no before shots. Was trying to get it rolled nice and tight without loosing anything out the ends and totally spaced it :( My bad gals/gents. It looks good so far I will tell you that

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Get er done!! It will be a god send I am sure. Sounds wonderful

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I'm actually trying one of these tomorrow.


Can't wait.

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Just watch how much tator you use, it came out really good, but I lost a ton of filling due to to much filling. Rookie mistake I guess

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