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Great looking first brisket! For burnt ends you cut the point into bite size pieces, toss them with some dry rub, then give a thin coat of BBQ sauce. Then toss it back into the smoker for another 2 or 3 hrs. I usually toss mine in the smoker while the flat rests for 2 hrs.

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I've only done one myself, but do have a Full Packer that is around 13 1/2 lbs that I will be doing soon. Your price can be beat, but you need to catch the sales at Wal-mart (only place I find a full Brisket around here). Normally $28.00, I got it for $19.00. This is the only time we will normally buy one.

 I was pretty happy with my first one, but have never had a Brisket done by a professional and look forward to doing so someday.  Good luck with yours.

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Looks good, my wife asked me to do a brisket this weekend but work has got in the way of that plan.

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ok it took about 9 1/2 hours to do...for the first one it was pretty good...but i think the flat turned a little dryer then i like but it was pretty good, i smoked it fat cap up as always, but i never flipped it where the cap was down..not sure if i should have or not...but i saved the juices from when i was cutting it and i added the juices after carving...




so im curious if i should inject the flat next time to avoid the wasnt like so dry to where it was tough, im just use to my pulled pork being fork tender...

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Beautiful Man Just Beautiful!!!

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Once you slice it, the brisket will dry out quickly. Probably before it hits the table. This is normal, but doesn’t always happen. Take the reserved juices and pour some over your serving dish. I will usually carve the whole brisket, use some juices for the dinner portion and save the rest of the juices for left overs. Just toss the meat and juice into a ziplock bag and it can be frozen of refrigerated and reheated easily.----notes from my mentor.

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 Here in NEW YAWK (bout 20 miles north of NYC) I am going out NOW to buy 2 briskets to 'practice' for a comp next week.  The Stop/Shop had brisket @ 3.49lb. and one Shoprite was 4.49lb. - the other SHOPWRONG was 5 BUCKS A POUND!!  I bought 15lbs.  Each brisket is an 7+lb in cryo.


Sooo....that $20- brisket from HELLMART is a bargain in these parts!

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