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Tonights Chickens w/Q-view

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Well after a stormy rainy start I was able to finally put on a couple of chickens I had the butcher split. Used a rub, Basted with olive oil every hour for 2 1/2 hrs. between 275 - 290 degrees over hickory. Pulled them just a little while ago.



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They look perfect to me.  How were they?  How was the skin?  Tell us a little about the process.  Brine or no?  Rub?  c'mon don't make us beg

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Man that looks great.

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hmmmm.... good! Love me some smoked bird!!!   Well done!

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Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I used a commercial rub since I didn't have but two birds. I used hickory wood for the smoke, but next time I want to try some apple wood I have had seasoning for about a year. I smoked them at between 275 - 290 for around 2 1/2 hours, and basted them on the hour with olive oil. Next time I'm going to use just a little less smoke. Thanks for the compliments. Oh I forgot the skin crisped up perfect even had some grill marks for an added bonus.



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Looks real tasty live the crispy skin. Great job there. 

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Great looking yardbird  !!!

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The grill marks really add a nice touch to it. Looks great!

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Looks like they turned out great - thaks for the update on the process - you will like the apple with chicken

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The butcher split them? I usually do that myself but maybe I can talk the butcher into that service from now on.

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Just got back from beach camping. As far as the butcher splitting them, yes all I have to do is ask. A friend of mine was a meat cutter for ten years, and tells me they will even ground meat if you ask them. Haven't tried that one yet.



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they looked very god, I love apple with chicken

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